Zion Williamson Skies For BLock & Cockback in Rivalry Game! 31/9/6/5 Raw Highlights!

Check out Zion Williamson as he went for 31 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 5 blocks tonight in front of another sell out crowd. Check out his blocks and dunks as SDS defeated SCA in a rivalry game!

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  1. these white people are shocked lmao

  2. looking back on this… he coulda had abt 70 if the refs called the contact on him every play

  3. 3:55 is clearly a defensive foul on Zion

  4. Pooh Bear Williamson a Bum

  5. He not playing against any competition

  6. Those refs suck Zion was clearly fouled a few times and no call

  7. he is great,,, injury is the worst enemy though… i remember derick rose, he used to dunk alot and play very great.. and everyone knows what happened. so sad.. cant wait to see him play against Lebron..

  8. Dunk 99
    Close finish 99
    Athleticism 99
    Vertical 99

    Single arm tomahawk dunk package
    Side arm tomahawk dunk package
    Athletic 2 hand dunk package
    Under basket 2 hand dunk package


  10. #2 chandler lindsey is crazy

  11. What’s he doing over there?

  12. 3:18 why opposing team clapping tho? Lol

  13. So are we just gunna ignore how high Chandler’s feet came of the ground !!! 2:49

  14. He was a lot more explosive when he was skinnier , I hope to see him get that waist back

  15. Zion Willamson looks like Dominique Wilkins but the stronger version, more like half Shaq and half Wilkins!

  16. Zion is like a locomotive, once he gets speed no one can stop hiim!!

  17. Why he truck stick dude at 3:14 😂😂😂

  18. Poor white kids!!! They should've just went home.

  19. Snow bunnies waiting for Zions BBC😂😂

  20. Come on man, he's addicted to dunk with his hand

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