Zamasu Unleashed! The Strongest Mentor In The Game!? | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The Best Build For The Custom Mentor Zamasu!
He is a really fun character to play with and the different builds to accommodate his different fighting styles is just absolutely magnificent.

Supreme Kai Build
Energy Wave Combo
Meteor Blow

Full Power Energy Wave
Full Power Energy Blast Volley

Endurance Type
‘Let’s just enjy the game right now’
Fused Zamasu Build
Heavenly Arrow
Aura Slide
Maximum Charge

Super Black Kamehameha
Instant Severance

Technical Type
‘I like you better when you’re mad’

*Channel Art And Profile Picture*
Done By Gatebreaker:



Mastering Mason










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  1. How do I get him as a playable character

  2. Please a 1vs1 with you and reflux

  3. when i heard egg dragoon-sonic unleashed i instantly liked,childhood memories of my favorite game theme song,love it

  4. 10:21 Zamasu: OK WUT…..?

  5. Yo dis da laggiest video bro

  6. This is true DIVINE JUSTICE

  7. A black kamehameha wtf never seen that

  8. Hearing that sonic unleash ost brings back memories of the game

  9. 7:12 – 7:13 Whenever I hear my zamasu begone I say THOT

  10. Boy-boy-boy-b-b-boy if you get yo

  11. WINSTANNNNNNN was one of my friends :0

  12. All I do is once stamina is broken use one god spillter after other

  13. wait just to be sure:
    They think shockwave is op and nerf that but aura slide is ok?

  14. Super Zamasu Kamehameha

  15. Can someone tell me what that sound at 4:22 was

  16. Aura slide spam? STEEDOJ EXPOSED CONFIRMED!

  17. He didnt let her hit min the whole match that’s how u know he wasn’t playin 7:41

  18. I've been wondering what if you get the extra dlc pack 5 where you get zamasu as a mentor will he appear on my roster or do I have to buy dlc pack 3?

  19. MY TIME SKIP….-_-

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