World of Tanks – Edelweiss: Valkyria Chronicles. Today I’m looking at something completely bizarre from the World of Tanks Asia server; a brand new T8 Japanese premium medium – Edelweiss from Valkyria Chronicles.

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  1. It would be awesome if War Thunder had a Valkyria Chronicles event and all of the tanks in the series where available.

  2. I really wanted one of these back when they came out but NA never got the chance 🙁
    Fan of the Valkyria Chronicles series I think they're amazing.
    As a side note, Edelweiss is supposed to be blazing fast so I guess its speed makes a little sense.

  3. I think the Edelweiss is more E-50 and King Tiger looking than Warhammer.
    And the Hafen from VC4 is a lot more Sherman-looking.

  4. This comment section is filled to the brim with "yo fucking weeb are stupid idiot for liking something I don't like go fuck yourselves"
    This is sad.

  5. No Alicia 🙁 , His Wife-to-be and second-in-command. Granted, she is a scout and not a tanker.
    And yeah, Isara is his adopted sister.
    And hell, yeah. This tank is so much more balanced than the Nameless.

  6. The weeaboos are arming up and got the power of god and anime on their side but good thing I have the power of Stalin and wargaming on my side

  7. Note: the Edelweiss is most vulnerable from the rear. a good explosive shot to those 2 radiators and you could be… decommissioned.

  8. I actually did a video of the game, and beat a campaign in 1 whole turn.

  9. I feel somewhat annoyed when people refer to Valk Chron as an anime/manga. People know of it from the game series you heretics.

  10. in VC licence the Edelweiss is basicly the only most avanced and only prototype medium tank of the Gallian Army (the lore is set in an aternate WWII and the standard tank of the Gallian Army is an defensive unit because of they doctrine )

  11. is this tank amphibious…….because it was an amphibious tank in the anime or in the original Valkyria Chronicles game can u give more details about it….if tank amphibious or not

  12. “Maybe players on the Asia server are a little different?”


    *rams self to death*

  13. Warhammer vehicles would be nice. However on the other hand it would be pretty darn op. Leeman Russ are already quite powerful but now imagine a baneblade in this game. That would basically be a one-tanke army.

  14. You had a Edelweiss on the enemy when you were playing the Nameless, and now you have a Nameless on the enemy team when you're playing the Edelweiss


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