How to 1v5 Carry your games with Warwick Jungle, going mostly FULL AD and being really aggressive. Challenger jungle main showing you how to play Warwick Jungle in Season 10 League of Legends

How to Carry Low Elo with Warwick Jungle!
Warwick Season 10 Guide.

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  1. Always assume your teammate will flash into a wall, cancel their recall with one second left, ping the enemy nexus, slither to the nearest enemy turret, and emote until dead…

  2. I see your videos, and they're very useful specially when it comes to decision making, but all of these happen when you're ahead?
    Do you have any videos about decision making when you're losing?

  3. 14:28 at this point, you already know Poppy isn't that good and you know they were all missing. Not to mentioned Olaf got 1k from you in a previous fight and you said that before this fight too. It was a bad decision there and you just blamed someone who was next to you which was that poor Poppy.

  4. first I'm going blue because if I don't go blue then when I make red and then switch to chickens for gold I need mana for hair

  5. Two times you did a misplay. Two times you relied on poppy. After the first time you should have known not to rely on her. You said earlier you shouldnt give away your "huge lead" by giving away your shutdown. Big mistakes

  6. hi thank u for doing these vids very informative , id like to ask you please , if i wanna carry as jax in season 10 would you suggest top or jungle ? thanks :3

  7. watches KingStix video, gets hyped, queues up Warwick

    Also gets soraka/trundle bot lane feeders who are constantly 3 levels below me

  8. Damn that poppy couldn't be more indifferent about team play-
    It's one thing to not Rambo save every kamikaze summoner,but that?
    She should have showed some love

  9. If everyone tried as hard as you, everyone would be in diamond, which means that everyone would be in bronze…..just……in a different order.

  10. I take scorch instead of waterwalking, cuz like most of the time i dont even get to prock my waterwalking so i find it a useless rune

  11. Is sorcerer's boots good on WW? I just wonder since his abilities deals magic damage even it scales with ad🤔

  12. I just started LOL and bought the legend that was the most similar to my main in another game. I was wondering what build would be best for Warwick Jungle so that I could properly mix my timing when it comes to building items.


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