Virtual Reality 3D Game made in MATLAB – Computer Vision
Play games only by moving fingers, No need to use mouse, keyboard!!! Only you need to wear red caps on your finger tips.
In this game you have to place three building boxes into their corresponding places (shadowed region) with exact scaled size only by moving your hand!
Step 1: Show 4 fingers, 3 fingers and 2 fingers to control the cube, pyramid and sphere respectively.
Step 2: Move your hand up-down-right-left to control the object’s position.
Step 3: Move your fingers closer to or apart from each other to control the object’s size.

Thank you.
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  2. Hello , 
    It's awesome,
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  3. Impressive Project!!!!!!!!
    Sir Please send me Code of this project . I want to make it.
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  4. Can you please tell me how have you connected all the red markers using line segments.
     I want to connect centroids of objects with line segments but i am unable to do so. Please help

  5. Can someone please comment on how the software gets the 3D position of the red caps? Is there a camera or other device pointed at the caps? Thanks.

  6. Wow, impressive.
    I thought Matlab was just made to draw graphic curves. I understand why it is known as very usefull for engineers. I will definitely learn how to use it.

    Can you tell me if one can control machines with matlab such as robot. I mean, it can receve data from reality, but can it send data to and control the reality?

    Is there any external library to include to Matlab? Such as OpenCV or else?

    Could you recommend me a special ebook explaining this or some sources templates ? It could be great.

    Thank you.

  7. Respect man!, but many your programs, I have checked, have the same issue as mine. They can only work if there is no similar things with same color. Now i am working with one problem – I have to detect red circle while there are many red objects in the background(in the room) and they can move. Already tried to check the eccentricity of all the objects but that doesn't make sense.. Maybe you have some suggestions?


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