Video Game Music – Coggy Extended

The main BGM from Coggy, an iOS app by Alex Tritt!

If you like the music, be sure to download Coggy for free on iTunes:
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Here is some more info on Coggy:

“Coggy” brings fun platforming and awesome puzzle solving to your mobile device with a twist – literally!

Help Coggy the cog explore the factory by tilting your idevice to roll him around and tapping the touch screen to make him jump. With no on screen buttons, it is so natural and simple that anyone can play!

Being a cog has its advantages too: slide between the cog blocks and connect them together to work the different machines in the factory! You can power lights and industrial fans, move conveyor belts and lifts or even open doors! With 8 themed worlds, there is just so much to discover about what Coggy can do!


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