Alright guys, the time has OFFICIALLY come. Last weekend, I had the privilege to play Riot Games’ new FPS, VALORANT alongside so many amazing creators. Today on April 3rd is the day we are all allowed to begin sharing our gameplay we captured over the weekend. I have a bunch of videos ready to go for you guys involving the gameplay I captured of a bunch of different agents. In this one, i’m going to be showing guys a full uncut gameplay of me playing the agent, Omen. He is one of my favorites and i’m sure you’ll see why during the video! So I hope you guys enjoy! Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already to catch all the new VALORANT videos as well as beta gameplay which will begin on April 7th!


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  1. the game tells me i have to get to the range, but then it crashes when loading. sometimes i get in but the bomb explodes and i back at the menu

    please help

  2. 5:02 in that situation you have ulted somewhere else when that guy was shooting you saying like from the shadowwws xD

  3. ayo 😀 if you keep uploading you'll most definatly grow i'd say quickly! also check my recentt and let me know if its good cheers man! 😄

  4. "I'm not like, a crazy popular Streamer. This is actually the biggest opportunity I've ever gotten in my Streaming Career." immediately followed by "I've been preparing every single day in CS".
    Hard work. Humility. Character.
    That's an insta-sub from me! Great gameplay, and I am especially amazed by your flick at the 5:09 mark.
    By using nothing but the damage indicator, you flicked PIXEL-PERFECTLY to an Enemy who was shooting you from outside your vision in exactly 8 frames.
    At 60fps, that's a 13.3ms, dead straight flick, without overshooting your target for even a single frame. Not a single inch out of place, dead center of mass, instantly.
    Granted, you were 2v1ing, and that led to your death, but that does not at all diminish how incredible that seemingly simple reaction was.

  5. This character's abilities are so cool, but the thing that makes him my favorite is that voice. OMFG is that voice amazing. Reminds me of Nightmare from FNAF4.

  6. you footage is the most vibrant one i've seen those colors are popin. do you use a program to get your game to look like that?

  7. The knife and knife animation is cool. Probably gonna have skins like csgo but hopefully not as expensive. This game really might replace csgo after a while.

  8. Do you know if there will be an actual launcher for this game similar to something like BattleNet for Blizzard games, or is it like LoL?

  9. Thank you for this video, it was a great showcase of the game! Just found your channel today and I’ve watched a few videos now. I hope your channel is able to hit the goldmine with this game.

  10. what exactly was that at 3:58, how'd keph end up behind you as jett but he killed your teammate from the front?

    ps. sick shots, saw u popping off on twitch 🙂

  11. How useful do you think Omen will be to a team, I've seen other streamers/youtubers question this and call him lower tier.


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