Veriax’s Ironman Morrowind Adventures, is a series in which I play a randomly selected character from a pre-determined list, and play them through the game until they a) die or b) accomplish a pre-determined goal, in which case I can retire them and start as a new character

I’m playing the game on default difficulty in this video, and have installed a number of mods to add to the gameplay. None of these change the game dramatically, but either add to immersion, improve on what was already there, or are nice graphical changes.

The mods used throughout this LP can be found in the description here:
Equally, if you wish to suggest a mod I might use, please do so in the comments section to that video.

Uploads will be around one hour long each, so if a character’s story ends mid-video, I’ll start another character until an hour’s gameplay has been done.


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  1. 50:30
    Don't know how the game would count it, but just suddenly taking the glass dagger and stabbing the shopkeeper to death with it in cold blooded frenzy had been so nice.
    Although now that I think of it maybe a bit messy.
    This series is great and the mods you use for the graphics update (overwhelming!) and the rebalancing of prices are on my List as soon as I got the chance to play Morrowind again.
    Like it a lot.
    You could do mod guides on how to increase immersion in TES Games.
    I mean not how to get them running but like making suggestions and reflecting the pros and cons and interesting parts of several mods.
    I guess you would be a mod guru for people who love their TES games immersive up to a point they like.
    Just like Lilia has a great taste for games your taste for mods is quite amazing me thinks.

  2. Dancer was a good cover for female agents in the past, Mata Hari was dancer. OK she was a spy not an assassin, but you get the drift :).

  3. When you started making this assassin character it gave me some ideas (I'm planning to do a similar thing except I doubt it'll be recorded or make it to Youtube, but who knows) – in the real world race and birthsign are things chosen before we're born, so IMO both race and birthsign should be d20 rolls, but class itself would be something the person chose during their life, and would probably be influenced partially by their natural skillset (that the race and birthsign help determine).

    So the bosmer born under the apprentice would probably be more likely to be at least somewhat magically inclined, but it's less fun if you're tailoring a build to their bonus skills – so how about you flip a coin to choose a character's gender (just to make this next part easier – I'll pick Male for this example) then based on that write down a series of interests/aspirations/traits for the character (i.e. bookworm, interested in archaeology, extremely intrigued by the forgotten dwemer, scared of water, prefers to avoid combat) – then after that you roll your race and birthsign – for example's sake, Redguard and The Tower. Now based on that you build a class that's the best blend of the character's ideals/traits and their natural skillset.

    Here's why it works better imo: If I just picked the best skills possible I'd always end up with some sort of melee based warrior as a redguard, or possibly a combat-oriented thief/assassin, and if I just picked randomly it's a bit less realistic since in the real world people do find what they're naturally good at and tend to do that. Now that I've written some traits down I can see he'd make a good explorer/tomb raider of sorts, I make his governing attributes be Intelligence and Personality, his majors can be Long Blade, Light Armour, Speechcraft, Mercantile, and maybe Restoration due to both his cave diving interests and all the books he studied when he was younger. Minors would be something like Alchemy, Enchant (again from being a bookworm and knowing how invaluable it is for an adventurer), Acrobatics (from all the exploring and climbing he did as a kid), Athletics, Sneak (from exploring places he shouldn't have ;)).

    The result is a character that seems realistic for a redguard while not being overly gamey or overly underpowered either, and if you try the method yourself you'll find you start fleshing out their backstory as you decide on their skills, I've already decided the above example is going to be my first new character and have a fully fleshed out story just as a result of writing this, with the tl;dr version being that he's going to be a "gentleman archaeologist" who likes to sneak his way around ruins hunting for artifacts, ultimately trying to build his own Dwemer museum in Tamriel so he can retire a rich man 😀

  4. 15 min-so close yet so far for the daedric face of god. Still though, better safe than sorry since this is an iron man run. Also congrats on the first successful completion of a VIMA story!

  5. Very nice. Love the bold choices. Somehow, though, I think the character might benefit from a few roleplaying-styled limitations to mitigate the potential scumminess of stealing and murdering. Perhaps a pilgrimage or paying penance somehow? Your choice of course, it'll be great any way. 

  6. I really like to think that all of these characters that Veriax is playing, is doing it all at the same time! Meaning that Graga proboboly had left for the tomb when this bosmer woman came and stole all of the stuff in Suran xD

  7. Would like to see you use those expensive ebony darts as assassination weapons but that wont happen. Probably would be fitting to use the wasteful expensive darts for such an important assassination .:)

  8. Im actually pretty sure you will need to up difficulty from 0 because the time you had it on 50 you died with NO armor and On the expansion op enemies land(to that wolf). And with 0 there wasnt really and danger and tension was when you tried it at first to see if youd die quickly and afterwards some skeleton fights but they were taking like 5% of your health per hit if they hit .Not really Ironmanish dont you think . 100 difficulty is too much. 50 might be good ,but why not try 25-30 instead of 0. 

  9. 16:40 you said "shame we have to leave this character " … Hm how about keeping the save game and in some future time leave the possibility of rerolling and chosing this character again and now its a 2nd adventure of him/her ?

  10. Here is my take on the back story: she was a high ranking member of the thieves guild, potentially second in command and lover of the guild master. Some of the other high-ranking members got jealous of her status and started spreading rumors that she was planning on turning the guild master in to the authorities and taking control of the guild. When the guild master got wind, he panicked and ordered a dark brotherhood hit on her. She managed to escape with nothing but her life. She changed her name and took up dancing in order to re-establish herself. Along the way she learned that the only way to nullify the hit was to assassinate the person who ordered it.

  11. Also, even though you seem set with regards to filthy lucre already, if you find occasion to head for Ebonheart (with this character or the next), a little birdie told me that the chest in the “other boat” at the dock has a nice assortment of random treasure, even at early levels…just don't get caught…

  12. Formerly a high-ranking member of the Morrowind (not Vvardenfell) Thieves' Guild, she was betrayed by its leader and smuggled onto Vvardenfell in the expectation that the quarantine would keep her from returning.

    After several days of being forced to peddle her flesh as an exotic dancer, she learnt from one of the other girls that a certain gentleman is one of Desele's financial backers, whose name she recognised as one the leader of the Vvardenfell guild.

    Suspecting that he was involved in her downfall and disgrace (or at least a willing partner in her abduction), she now seeks him out to exact her revenge and perhaps find out why she was betrayed by those she thought to be her colleagues.

  13. I think you should use the console to lower your bounty, because normally the fine for murder is 1000. 

    A couple tips: When you're in a dungeon with unnamed enemies , don't dispose of the corpses or they will respawn.

    Use your alchemy skill to make money off the useless potions you make. Incase you didn't know, there's a full set master alchemy equipment in the Caldera Mages Guild which will make your potions much stronger. Ingredients with restore health are saltrice marshmerrow, corkbulb root, emerald, corprus weepings, and resin. 

  14. Aw it's a shame you couldn't get to a lot of the really good loot on that ship or the daedric thing, but nice job! That area/quest is definitely one of my favorites in the entire game.

  15. Just in case you haven't noticed it yet, that glass dagger needs some repairs, stat!

    I enjoyed the sweet, sweet success of Groga, but now I get to enjoy a play-through of probably my favorite type of character, the sneaky-thief…OK, the sneaky-assassin in this case.  Next weekend can't get here soon enough…

  16. wow I've played this game for years and years and never stumbled upon this quest (or bothered to do it). morrowind is amazing.

  17. First, it's amusing and weirdly flattering that my weekly interpretation idea seems to have caught on among the other viewers.

    Further interpretations of Groga: She pretty much knew where the tomb she needed was all along and only went through the proper channels to get the details so she knew who had the key. By not killing him she let him spread word of her 'great deed' on his way back to Skyrim and earned herself fame to go along with the vast fortunes and bottle of booze.

    Also I love the irony of Groga being accosted by a skeleton with a giant hammer just after she rejects her own giant hammer on the quickslots for a bow. Groga's actually pretty smart, she saw the rising force potion and an area in the sky she might be able to reach with it and saw an opportunity. No abuse of OOC knowledge from V there (and even if he had, to me that's just another thing to 'interpret').

    Finally, with the appearance of the character list at about 28:30, we find out that Veriax wasn't getting Groga mixed up with Mazoga, but Azoga, the Barbarian Orc attached to number 5 in the list.

    Interpretation of Solace: She was one of V's favourite ones to make up because he loves Suran for the House of Earthly Delights and it gave him an excuse to start there as one of the reasons he loves it. Nah, more seriously I imagine he chose her combo just because every single skill book in the city seems to fit her playstyle perfectly.

    Solace herself was just an ordinary dancer who was fired from the House of Earthly Delights for being crap at dancing and nowhere near as curvy as the other lasses and she wanted to screw the place over as much as possible in vengeance, and she chose to use her natural wood elf skills to hit them where it really hurt: take down the thieves' guild from within and make it impossible for the House to keep selling things on the moon sugar menu, their biggest source of profit. Just like previous characters, she's not a real assassin, she just calls herself one when really she's a psychopathic murderer who intends to assassinate someone in the future, if she was a proper assassin she'd not have let the pawnbroker know she was there before trying to kill him. I imagine she was originally slightly sane until her mind snapped because she was insulted by the House patrons for too long then sacked.

  18. most easy class on hardest 100% level i play on breton race try get first boots of blind speed and deadrick bow

  19. gentleman jim Stacey (leader of the thieves guild) visited the house of earthly delights and decided to "have his way with" solace, he was unaware of the skills of this particular "dancer" though. she decided to get her revenge by killing him

  20. A bosmer assassin, eh? Is she perhaps a follower of the Green Pact as well?

    Anyway, here's my interpretation of Solace's story:
    Solace not so long ago received a fat commision from a group of people wishing to remain anonymus; she was to kill a messenger who was on his way to deliver a very important message to Seyda Neen. After pulling some strings she found out that the messenger was going to stay at Suran for two days so she concocted a plan: go undercover and wait until her target gets in an arms's reach distance and then STRIKE. Being very confident in her plan and skills she decided that she is going to stash away all her equipment in a place only she knows about, as this job was only going to require her female charm and a drop of venom. And so she hid everything she owned, bought her way into that club for "distinguished gentlemen" and waited patiently for the messenger to appear. 
    And alas, he appeared three days later just as she knew he would. And so the deed was done, the man laid dead at her feet, none being the wiser about her involvement. Securing the letter that was on the man's body she left for her hideout, where she was welcomed by the cold harsh reality: somebody found her stash and made of with it! Solace was a lot of things, ruthless, cunning, charming, proud but one thing she wasn't, forgiving. She needed to teach someone a lesson about why you don't cross a proud bosmer assassin. After some detective work she quickly found out that her equipment, most importantly her trusted glass dagger ended up at a local pawnbroker, Goldyn Belaram, whom she quickly delt with, recovering some of her stuff. However, just teaching a petty merchant a lesson about how dangerous an angry bosmer assassin can be wasn't going to be enough. She wanted to make sure she got the point across. And there's was only one way she could imagine doing that.
    She was going to kill the leader of the Thief's Guild.

  21. The idea I have that could make sense for why the new character is dancing is that perhaps she had a contract to kill and tracked him to a tavern, finding out he is a lover of many women, she disguises herself as a dancer to get close to her target, then drugs his drink as he gets close to her causing him to appear that he passed out drunk but is actually dead (A pity you dont have the birth sign of the lady that could of give your character to drain the persons life with the "lovers kiss" ability as that would of been a sneaky way to kill the perverted man xD) In the time  which your character spent getting hired as a dancer in the shady place, has found out about the inside thieves guild connections in there and heard the name of the leader and which of course, blending that with your story of knowing the guy and wanting to kill him for revenge about something. 

  22. You're a free-lancer assassin hired to kill the leader of the thieves guild, but since you were running low on money you decided to do a little side-job first (stripping) before officially starting your mission

  23. How about this? Thiefs guild guy stole her shit, right as she was about to pay off a debt in Suran, so she had to dance off her debt instead. So she has quite a good reason to kill the guy. And as for the dead guy in the strip club… Well, she's "drop-dead-gorgeous" right? Right? … Sorry..

  24. Yay it came early 🙂
    I normally watch it on Sunday but now I'm watching on Saturday.

    Moar morrowind though 😀 I really like this series.

  25. Thieves' Guild Leader – as you're an assassin, maybe you've been hired to kill him and you're dancing as a cover to get closer to the Thieves' Guild?

  26. As for why she's dancing: She did that to get close to her previous target and kill him, of course. Her target being the guy who died at the beginning.
    And somehow she pulled it off to kill him in front of everyone, and no one cared. Yeah, he wasn't very popular..

  27. Uploaded at approx 6.30am UK time and its now 8.30am and you already have ~150 views. You, sir, are on to a winner methinks!!!


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