How to use Dread Game to re-attract a girl and get her thinking about you.

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Chris Canwell


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  1. Chris I’ve been dating a flaky girl for one year and I’m not sure if I should acknowledge our anniversary. I bought your guide and it’s been very helpful. Thank you!

  2. This shit really does work. Went from low attraction to high attraction in a matter of a few days of withdrawing and texting way less.

  3. Hey Chris God bless your good work thanks for allowing God to use you to save men relationships and restore marriages, I appreciate you but my problem is want to get your atomic attraction audible book how do i get it cz am really a busy person to sit and read sometimes is like mehnn I really need it Chris tell me how I can get in audio and may download it to my phone.thanks

  4. Been doing this myself for years. She comes running back to me in desperation and BAM, I dick slap her in the face!

  5. What if I'm naturally self withdrawn? Will I reattract her and keep her attracted for long or would she eventually get bored of me?

  6. you need to write a second book defining exactly what dread is, how to apply, how to use it, and how it can help you. i've yet to find a complete book detailing the dark arts…

  7. Will this work on a girl that friend zone me? I've been chasing this young girl who I attracted to. I hope I can one day make it her my girlfriend. She's an amazing young woman that I just find fascinating.

  8. Dude, I've been using this all along not knowing it had a name, now I know there's a way to conjure it consciously. I'm officially subscribed!!!

  9. This is akin to gaslighting and using sweet-mean cycle in my view a destructive technique used by narcissists which is emotionally very damaging

  10. This would only work, of course, with a woman who had quite a high level of interest in you in the first place.  You can't just go cold on a girl and expect her to start chasing you if she was never that into you from the beginning.  I assume it also only works on women who have low self-esteem and don't believe they can do any better.  A high-quality, attractive woman with many options, wouldn't put up with this behaviour and would just move on quickly.


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