Ultimate Funny Chess Moments and Blunders

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  1. Wanna see blunder?

  2. Simon’s attempt at being comedic is cringe

  3. Eric Hansen against KC. You would love to see it.

  4. 3:06 you like that? Yeah? Is that fun for you? Yeah? 😂

  5. Eric Hansen is funniest Hands down!!!

  6. 23:10 why shouldnt he take the queen with the pawn on c5?

  7. I dont understand the Eric clip at 1:00. Please explain

  8. 0:25 bishop to f5 would be check mate xD

  9. What happened at 1:10?

  10. 3:50 that fat guy has an ugly laughing 😾

  11. If I have to hear a fat guy laughing again I'm out

  12. Kingcrusher's laugh is so contagious.

  13. Next video cut the annoying laughing guy out

  14. Ok can someone explain how black won at 2:19 ?

  15. What did black do wrong in the first video?

  16. 4:22 using a cordless mouse ?

  17. The braying old guy is just obnoxious.

  18. 29:20 ooooo thats awkward as fuck!

  19. 29:00 oh don’t mind, just two geniuses talking in chess.

  20. don't even play chess but this video was great thumbs up lol

  21. This is the first time I’ve seen some rage while playing chess lol

  22. Damn props to the developers this game is dope

  23. 12:20-They clearly don't like each other. They didn't even shake hands to end it.

  24. cant wait to see xqc in these

  25. 2 years watched this and didn’t understand a clue what was happening. Ive been playing chess for awhile and I finally found this vid. I’m laughing my ass off now.

  26. What happened to chessbrah at 1:10?

  27. Harry Potter Dance Back stage @5:49

  28. Can someone explain what happens at 1:11

  29. 1:10 someone explain?

  30. so much funny i laugh ahha o so much!! lmao xD lol

  31. 24:01 why does eric look like he is possesed with his sleep paralysis demon

  32. 17:32 his brain literally just remembered to laugh rn

  33. Kingscrusher is a real meme guy

  34. the douche at 3:00 sounds like such a child. wow, blitzing sub 1000 player. is that how he hit 2500?

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