Trepang2 – The FEAR Sequel We Never Got

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Dodge bullets, sneak in the shadows and unleash your deadly gun-fu skills on the bad guys who took everything from you.

A mysterious group breaks you out from a heavily guarded blacksite. Your memories gone but your combat abilities enhanced far beyond human limits, it’s time to fight back, find the truth and save the world.


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  1. The delivery of the 'jokes' in this are fucking terrible. Stop reading and speak.

  2. I haven’t played F.E.A.R in a while and god damn I forgot how good the Shotgun in that game is. Holy shit

  3. Trepang 2 needs to be released as soon as possible

  4. This looks like a real sequel to F.E.A.R
    This guy needs to make a F.E.A.R 4

  5. I’m gonna go get FEAR now lmfao😂😂

  6. I really hope they keep these graphics and smooth gameplay
    As my laptop can't handle high end shit
    I loved the demo and would love to give my money for the full game !

  7. One of the enemy voice actors sounds like mcride in slow motion lmaooo

  8. I'm probably just gonna pretend that Point Man trained Alma's third child at the end of F.E.A.R. 3 into a killing machine and this is the result.

  9. trepang is terrible to think they took inspiration from fear the gunplay is horrible and game is locked at 62 fps and the sound design is so terrible it looks cool and all but seriously terrible gameflow compared to fear it feels more like a mash up of call of duty and cringe shit

  10. I just found this game!!! FREAKIN AWESOME reminds me of Castle Wolfstein!!! but even BETTER…………..

  11. 7:34 Pistol is crappy? Turn on the time-slow in a room full of enemies and turn into a deadeye, killing everyone without a helmet in a single headshot. I legit consider it overpowered.

  12. Holy shit, I'm in this thumbnail too!?

  13. There's two configurations of the same assault rifle, which is the Croatian VHS-2. It's at least partially based on the FAMAS and currently stands as the sexiest bullpup in existence. The difference, in game, is that one is completely stock whereas the other uses a carry-handle with an integrated optic and a silencer.

  14. I hope it will have a needle gun on the finished game

  15. the bullpup like assault rifle is based on a real gun called HS Produkt VHS-2 though i don't know what its called in this game

  16. The game looks really cool. My only two problems looking at it is the lighting looks way too intense and needs to be toned down, and the soldiers seem borderline incompetent in characterization in contrast to FEAR (whether their AI is competent or not).

    Still, looks pretty good.

  17. 8:41 is the most brutally epic Pokemon joke I've heard and I love it.

  18. 3:30
    I live for this shit in games.
    This shits my jam, my literal favorite part about these games is good voice acting on enemies you brutalize. It's so cathartic for me it's nearly enlightening.

  19. Trepang 2 looks less like a true spiritual successor and is more like a mix between outlast 2 and fear. That’s a good thing though. The school parts of outlast 2 were the best part and then combined with the greatness of fear.

  20. I played Fear 2 again last year and that game was far better than I remember. Easily the scariest of the 3 and not to far behind the original in action.
    This looks fun. But they need to fix that slide. It just looks stupidly ridiculous in an already over the top game.

  21. I would play fear but the only way to buy it is a bundle with fear 3, and I ain’t touching that shit

  22. Unreal tournament fear edition

  23. It needs mods. And we can get a FEAR remake project going.

  24. lens flare everyfuckingwhere

    "Made on unreal engine 4"

    oh, really?

  25. might look like fear but the ai doesnt seem as advance as fear. many games after have tried but failed in that aspect, still havent seen it in this vid yet

  26. The hype is real to say the least.

  27. What about the AI you cant mention how good fear is without mentioning the AI. you needed that slow mo as the ai would have ripped you to bits without it.

  28. I think Gmans favorite gun is a shotgun.

  29. we have screaming in pain

    now we wait for them to say the player is "monster" or something jsut to make it better :3

  30. I have one big question about this game, is the Enemy A.I is as smart as FEAR's A.I?

  31. Omg if we fuse this with the level design and parkour of mirror's edge 2008 we will have the ultimate fps shooter/parlour experience

  32. AAA games :if ya wanna (takes drink of straight whiskey) listen to music ya onna have to pay for it…BITCH

  33. Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that they implemented a pretty nice Backrooms level for when you finish 30 waves of horde mode?

    That level was pretty spooky and had a bunch of well, spooky things in it.

  34. SlIdE iNtO tHe AcTiOn WiTh CaLl Of DuTy GhO- wait, wrong game

  35. finally, some good fucking food. thank you gman, waited game like this since forever

  36. This looks fkn sick

  37. Hears the names Max Payne, Titan Fall and F.E.A.R in the same sentence makes me full mast. Legit.

  38. When I played this it felt like an SCP game. Except you are the SCP.

  39. At 7:49, the assault rifle is the VHS-2. Since you didn't know what it is.

  40. This game needs an AA12,
    Akimbo AA12's…

  41. This game looks fucking awesome

  42. Is there a first Trephang around here?

  43. Please tell me this is gonna have pvp! I loved FEAR's campaign and played it multiple times, but I got a taste of the pvp (long after the game was basically dead, got a match with maybe 10 people) and fucking LOVED IT. I'd imagine pvp for this would be similar. Man I can't wait for this to release.

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