–Animators in order–
Alon Dan –
Hexrin –
RushLight Invader –
8 Bit Ultra –
Kirby Otaku –
Rebaka-Chan –
TheAMaazing –
Laddi –
Ivan Animated –
AnimatedCarl –
GrittySugar –
Mistletoesart –

–Remix Song–
Atpunk –

–Extra Art–
PantslessPajamas –

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  1. Game Grumps Animation Collabs are the best, because you know these people put so much work into it, and the creativity is so admirable

  2. Man this song just reminds me how much I love Arin and Dan. They are such awesome friends and I hope that it'll forever remain that way.

  3. For me the best part was the Danzilla. Because I didn't realize that was supposed to be Dan until I saw the Rush shirt.

  4. I kept seeing comments about how this song would be used in a final episode of Game Grumps, but I feel like that probably won't happen, because I feel like whenever Dan and Arin have children at some point in the future, I feel like they'll pass the channel onto them, and I feel like they'll pass Starbomb and NSP onto their children as well

  5. Honestly . Breaks my heart listening to this . I'm Dan and I miss my best friend when watching these cause he looks like arin and we use to do exact same things

  6. Petition to make this the new game grumps intro. I'm sure there's a way to cut it short. As long as you keep the ending

  7. It always felt magical seeing a piece of music, that not only mixed in from a bunch of words, but being given something so visually stunning.

    Very high props for the animators for this, and the remixer for making a very catchy (and kinda heartwarming) tune :3

  8. You’re truly inspiration you’ll make my day every day and I may forget to like all the videos because I’m old LOL but y’all truly do make my day

  9. You 2 need to actually sing this lol but this is an amazing video and holy crap the people who animated and made the remix are amazing

  10. This.. this is why I love the GG fan community so much. People coming together not for profit or fame but just to showcase their common love for something. You can see the heart and soul put into every frame of this and it just makes me smile and feel so good that there are such amazing people out there who love these two adorable idiots just as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who worked on this precious gem and showing more talent than I could possibly ever have.

  11. this took me back for real for real i have been watching game grumps since 8th grade and about to start college and this video just brought back all the good memories bruh , keep up the good work arin and danny love you guys


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