A documentary about the creation of Super Mario Bros. 3, the unparalleled hype surrounding its release, and why it’s considered one of the greatest games of all time.

00:00 – Intro
01:19 – Part 1: The Ultimate Mario
24:21 – Part 2: The Hype
38:13 – Part 3: The Greatest
45:59 – End Credits

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  1. Super Mario Bros. 3 is the game that made me fall in love with video games. It was only a matter of time before I talked about it. This video contains rare images, archival footage, and design documents! If you enjoyed it, please share. Happy Holidays!

  2. I just realized that the old gaming historian keyboard jingle , sounds just like the king's chamber track from SMB3 played on piano!

  3. This is probably why Super Mario Bros. 3 don't have a Desert and Forest theme. It was too difficult assuming.

  4. I love nintendo as a Kid and I think this game truly captures my childhood I was obsessed with it , if this was crack I was an addict for hours and hours I would stay and play it never leaving my house on the weekends just playing it until my fingers smelled of the controller

  5. I grew up poor. I didn't own a Nintendo when I was a kid. But my next door neighbor had one. I HATED the kid. I couldn't him. He was extremely obnoxious, arrogant, and very annoying…….. but I befriended him when I found out he had a Nintendo. That's how much sacrifice I made just to play this game!

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  7. What an excellent production. Thank you for all the effort, this was entertaining, informative and wonderfully nostalgic.
    Double thumbs up.

  8. People have no idea what hype is these days. Games like forenite are absolute garbage compared to this game. Anyone that was alive and a gamer during this time understood just how huge this game was and how much of an impact it had. There honestly hasn't been a game this huge ever since.

  9. My… the ending song… just made me cry. My father danced with us when we finished the game with that beautiful song.

  10. This documentary deserves to be on TV. Such a quality, informative, whole hearted performance. My love for Nintendo just grew even more.

  11. I was born in 2003,and my first console(handheld)was the gameboy advance and with it i played super mario bros. 3 and man oh man that was the best expierence in videogames for me since i was a kid,thanks nintendo,btw great video,keep it up!!

  12. Super mario 3 will always hold a special memory for me. One of my earliest memories was staying up with my dad all night to beat SMB3. We eventually did it too. I think that was teh first night i was awake all night (i had to be like 4 or 5). My dad stopped playing games as they got too difficult with time lol, but even he liked it so much. That's how influential this game was, everyone was playing it. Great video, holy crap I had no idea about all this history.

  13. 36:11 come to think of it, this must have been the shit at the time. A video game movie was already something to behold, and not just that, but to watch the first gameplay of the most anticipated game until then, at the cinema!? Man i would not give a fuck to the barebones plot, the experience must have been amazing for gamers back than.

  14. In my country, we had only Eastern rip-offs of games and game consoles. There's no hype, no culture around the Nintendo, nor Super Mario specifically.
    But when I encountered a pirated cartridge on my local market and I started playing I couldn't stop. I spent many days and nights on that game, but I haven't defeated it completely. I was about half point of SM3. When I got older I recklessly disposed of my video game console and almost all the games including the Mario cartridge and it was one of the greatest mistakes of my life. xD Today I strive to play it again!

  15. 48:08 It was at this moment that I realized Fire Mario from SMB3 has the same colour pallette as Builder Mario from SMM.

  16. 39:39 Lol it is technically a movie. it was confirmed by Miyamoto himself a few years back (actually it was a play but whatever)

  17. Great video. It is worth noting that Nintendo released in 1993 Super Mario All Stars on the SNES, which was a excuse to port SMB3 to a 16-bit machine. That version is more colored, has better sound and would be pretty much the same on Super Mario Advance 4 (2003). I feel like they really nailed that unique, mystical SMB3 atmosphere with the All Stars and GBA version, which sadly Nintendo never used again. So I highly recommend playing this game on one of these two versions, IMHO they aged very well.

  18. Mate this deserves to be on television. Without a doubt the most interesting and informational video I've seen all lockdown.

  19. Some of the best music ever made and to see people here on YouTube perform these tunes on guitar is astounding


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