There is a slime creature looking for his safe area. But it will need some assistance to get there because his skin is very sensitive here in The Slob – a challenging platform and adventure game. The objective here is to reach the pipe as safely as possible to complete the level. But you will face lots of items that can change your body. Always check if you are too acidic or having too much alkaline in your body. If any of these elements are high, your slob character will get hurt. Find certain items to balance your pH level gauge.


The Slob is a fun and challenging platform based game where you will take control of a slug and help it across a psychedelic inspired levels, you need to guide it across different platforms to the end of the level where an open pipeline awaits, the journey will be fun and challenging as you’ll encounter a lot of obstacles and traps, not to mention those baddies that are waiting for you to pass by before they make a pounce, and if that happens, your character dies and you’ll have to start the level again, there are 20 psychedelic and challenging levels in the game for you to complete, each one of them features different platforms for you to overcome, some strange new plants that seem to have sprang out from dreams and even weird animals and insects that you need to dodge and evade, it’s going to be tough indeed but you’re going to do everything you can just to reach the open pipeline and help the cute little slug survive, there are also eggs that can be collected in the game, and although some can be taken freely, there others are not as somebody else owns them and if you get caught, you’ll be insect food for sure, come on then, join the adventure and help the cute little slug survive here in The Slob.

Graphics and Sound

Simple and pretty, that’s what the game graphics look like, the designs are very nice too and presented in a cartoony manner, character designs are quite varied by the way, the different insects and animals in the game have different unique looks that sets them apart from each other, the levels are also very nice, although the backdrops are rather dark and simple, the foregrounds certainly look great with the different and strange plants in them, colors are nice too, everything looks vivid and quite crisp, very nice contrast against the rather dark backdrops, the animations are also great, movements are brisk and fast, making the game really fun to play, the animations are simple by the way and they looked rather smooth all throughout, even the mechanical moving parts have nice animations, the game’s music is subtle, it has a nice intense tune that makes the game exciting, sound effects are quite abundant, you’ll hear a lot of sound as you play it through, on the other hand, the special effect is pretty simple, nothing gorgeous or flashy here, overall, it looks really pretty, with its simple presentations and psychedelic designs.


It’s not really that easy, you’ll need precision jumping here, it is quite tough jumping from one platform to another, that’s besides the strange plant life and weird animals that you will be encountering throughout the levels, there are even platform where you can stay for too long as it will certainly kill your character if your ph levels are too much, the first few levels are quite easy, but after that, it’s going to be really tough just trying to survive, controlling the character is fairly easy, all you need to use is the arrow keys or the WASD to play the game to the end.


The Slob features very simple and psychedelic graphic designs and presentations, there are 20 challenging levels that your character needs to go through, and it features very simple controls to play it through.


I had a great time with this game, it gave me a nice challenge, I enjoyed the brisk movement of the characters, the game could have been harder if it wasn’t so, check it out, this is fun.

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