The SECRET GUN in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (Zapatron SNIPER)

Fortnite: Battle Royale has a SECRET Sniper… Let’s take a look at it! 😀
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  1. WELCOME EVERYONE, I hope you're having an awesome weekend! 😀

    Yesterday's video got over 80,000 👍 "LIKES" 👍 in ONE DAY – You are all CRAZY! I hope you enjoy today's video too. Thank you! 😀

  2. Bring it back

  3. I believe the zapatron was only found and recorded once

  4. I want it to be back because it looks so cool and it's so strong and I love it and I missed it

  5. who else heard it might come back in chapter 2 season 3

  6. Who’s watching in 2020 to see the og game

  7. Session 0 was the first time in the game it is op

  8. Shot gun is a close range weapon

  9. zapotron should be back in fortnite

  10. The zapatron should be a mythic in chapter 2 season 3 or season 2

  11. I was an og player I remember it

  12. Anyone else here when everyone are sweats

  13. Anyone watching in 2020?

  14. The game was so chill back then. Now whenever I shoot someone they just build the whole entire Empire State Building in front of me.

  15. Come Back Inn it's the coolest weapon I've ever seen

  16. I played with the Zappertron, and i killed Ninja

  17. Who's watching is season 12 or 13 leave a like

  18. You used to be so bad at building

  19. Put it in creative please epic

  20. I think the zapatron should at LEAST be in creative mode

  21. I found it but died before using it I was sooooooo MAD,when I saw it was really rare I was screaming the house down

  22. Who’s watching in chapter 2 season 2

  23. It’s still in save the world

  24. I rlly want it back cause I personally think there isn’t enough versions of snipers

  25. I have zapotron at Save the world IT TAKES 2000 damage!!

  26. 0:28 is it just me that realized he opened the chest 2 times

  27. I found it I just wanted to see if someone else has found it got renegade raider also and hacked it in season 11

  28. Any one hear in season2 chapter 2

  29. They should put it back

  30. I would want it in but it should be pretty rare

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