The Last Night will come to Xbox One and PC in 2018.
Music: Lorn – Acid Rain

The soul of a cinematic platformer and the heart of a sci-fi thriller, The Last Night is set in a post-cyberpunk world with a deep, vibrant vision of the future.

The Last Night is what we call post-cyberpunk – it’s not the kind of dystopia the genre is famous for, rather it depicts an alternate direction for society. One where the fight for survival doesn’t mean food and water, but a purpose for living. Human labour and creativity has been rendered obsolete by AI, so people are now defining themselves by what they consume, not what they create.

Charlie is a lower-class citizen who can’t interface with the systems and augmentations of the world around him, due to an accident during his childhood. He’s a citizen of the thriving metropolis and yet he’ll never be a part of it. Then, a chance encounter offers him the chance to be part of something else and take matters into his own hands.

The Last Night is:

Tim Soret – Creative Director
Danny Wadeson – Writer & Executive Producer
Ian Thompson – Programmer
Joe Kataldo – Composer & Sound Designer
Lorn – Composer
Matias Pan Amoedo – Environment Artist
Shaun Mitchell – Senior Programmer

Published by Raw Fury

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  1. now not only do i wanna play the game looking like this, but i would soooo love to see a cyber punk film, or any genre for that matter, made in this 3d pixel style, i'd watch that to death.

  2. Any news since the E3 reveal? It's been pitch silence since then. Hoping we'll get an update or something this year, I'd hate to see something as visually perfect as this fall by the wayside.

  3. With this and Cyberpunk 2077, I genuinely hope these types of games becomes a mainstay. Such an aesthetically pleasing concept.

  4. I have not been this amazed since i was a kid! Awsome soundtrack, absolutely mindblowing visuals and the story seems great to. I love the richness in the graphics and the light is insane! Man i am so excited i can hardly concentrate on my work, Thank you so much guys!!


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