I have preached and preached that you must study the fundamentals. But what are they? In this series I break them down one by one and teach you how to hone them to a fine point.

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Confess by Lox Chatterbox
Look Alive (remix) by Joyner Lucas

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  1. The last canned line is honestly more a conversation topic than a comfort builder. Asking getting to know questions are more in the territory of comfort building.

    If you have any questions. Leave them below 🙂

  2. About the pre-selection thing. I can def see how it can be a powerful addition to someone's game, but this is what I'm struggling to understand: if the girl you want to make sth happen with (whatever that may be) doesn't really care for you or is indifferent towards you, how to make pre-selection to work in that case?
    The same question applies to the situation if you're trying to get an ex back (which is a topic you should DEF do a video about, your thoughts would be beneficial for sure) who doesn't really care all that much if she sees you around other girls/isn't jealous.

  3. I'll have you know good sir, I look incredible naked. That said, I'm also jacked, so that can make women more tense. Like if they couldn't fight back against a normal guy, they deeeeefinitely couldn't fight back against me if I were to try something, so I've found I need more comfort, initially, because my body–and requisite confident, "hard" demeanor–itself is an attraction signal. But it's true. Women are only default-attracted to like 20% of men, physically. Maybe even more like 10%-15%, while men are attracted to like ~70% of women. Thanks bro.

  4. Just did a pull push pull today with my actual girl, and it totaly changed the situation, I didnt even realized what I did. PS:we were in an argument about another girl, but it all turned out fine.Glad to see The explenation behind what happened.

  5. it's a great video, bro. thx for ur share. It makes me remember the the m3 model of mystery. Attraction is first.

  6. I’m kind of confused about attraction. How would you lead with attraction if it’s based on abundance/not really caring about her? Isn’t the act of approaching the opposite of that?

  7. I feel like most people (men in the bars) are bulldozers, but most people attracted to learning about game (key word being learning/ minded) are butter knives. Just musing on this concept you introduced to me this past summer. Keep it up Karisma King! You get it. The world of PUA needs more ppl like you

  8. So being able to see if she needs comfort or attraction just comes from references and breaking down sets over time?

  9. Super cool vid. I'd be interested to know what you think of the PUA Chris Parker? The guy often pulls girls in 5-15 minutes. It makes me think this whole "time" thing and even most pick-up concepts are useless. Basically, Chris just seeds the pull very directly in the first minute of the interaction and then spends the rest of the time making the girl comfortable and safe about who he is and about the place he's taking her to. And it seems to work like a charm and shortcuts most of the pick-up theory!

  10. The whole not caring about a hot girl only works if she thinks you are attractive looking. Try this when you're short and ugly. The girl simply ignores you.

  11. you talk alot in a bi polar way
    what if i you have lack of both? i belive it's easyer to work on a player type then a provider type

  12. I've worked with a bulldozer before, they really have no clue when they're making someone uncomfortable, it's like they always just assume you're comfortable.


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