The 7 Most Bizarre Characters in Fighting Games: When you think of fighting game characters, you think of muscular men in karate gis, women who forgot to put on 80 percent of their clothes, and ninjas. But don’t forget the possessed weirdos, dead Presidents and clock-enthusiast rapper Flava Flav. Hit the jump for a salute to the seven weirdest fighters in the genre.

They are:

Mokap – Mortal Kombat
Zappa – Guilty Gear
Bad Box Art Mega Man – Street Fighter X Tekken
Abraham Lincoln – Battle For Presidency
Flava Flav – Def Jam
Hornet – Fighters Megamix
Phoenix Wright – Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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  1. Not sure if it was out by the time this video was released, but Squigly, Big Band, Peacock, and Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls. You have a zombie opera singer who's got a Brain Worm and has been dead for just as long as she was alive, a guy who's had most parts of him replaced by instruments, a sentient cartoon character made to kill Skullgirls, and an immortal feline outlaw with a detachable head. Yeah skullgirls is weird

  2. I would love to see Andrew Jackson cane everyone to death.

    We need a 2020 "Battle for Presidency." NOW!!! ^_^ I so want to see Sleepy Joes' ultimate move be to force everyone to do the zombie dance from MJ Thriller. Trumps' ultimate move is "You got CORONAED." LOL Too early for joke reference? Sorry. I'll go now. Awww

  3. Well someone knows how to catch my attention by putting a Guilty Gear character in the thumbnail. Though i'm slightly disappointed Robo-Ky isn't on this list, specifically the Guilty Gear Isuka iteration, especially Robo-Ky Mk II from the same game, who can copy moves from every other character in the game with some pretty creative sprites to go with it.

  4. I like Mokap. He could be a disgraced former fan of Johnny Cage, determined to prove that his stunts are CGI and not real. He must have followed Cage to the tournament, and inadvertently ended up in it. Determined to prove that this is actually a film set, he fights others in a MOCAP suit.

    Just a thought. He needs some character development.

  5. Gotta play that fighting president game, wonder if you use Andrew Jackson if you can beat people with your cane while your parrot blurts out swears.

  6. When I was a kid, there was a fighting game with a character that was literally half African American man and European lady, down together for all eternity due to their forbidden love. What gqke do they come from? I have yet to find them. All I can remember is them and minotech, a half man+bull+ cyborg.

  7. Mokap is not bizarre he's just a shit design if you truly after bizarre characters the darkstalkers series from capcom i where to look


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