Amiga Flight Sim Game TFX developed by Digital Image Design (DID) / ocean software and published/released by CU Amiga magazine in 1997.

This game requires a pretty high spec amiga to get the best from the game, but theres plenty of gfx options to try and scale to the hardware. AGA Amiga required, fast processor prefured and some extra memory. The Game is only around 95% complete as the game was shelved before completion so any bugs are due to this and the gfx errors that appear in the video are todo with WinUAE JIT emulation (no gfx errors on my Amiga – but game is much slower). Also as thegame was never finished , the game can have compatability issues with higher spec amigas. 040 exe doesnt work, so only plain 68000 or fpu version is usable and i dont think 060 is suported at all, so game can still be slow.

It was only thanks to CU Amiga magazine that the game even saw the light of day.


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  1. Hi AmigaOmega,
    I am trying to launch TFX for Amiga with the Amigforever emulator but I receive this error message, can you help me please?
    "this program requires a math co-processor TFX failed returncode 20"

  2. With today’s computer memory, I wonder if today’s scenery could be added. It’s got plenty of speed and pixel movement

  3. That looks a bit lame. I played "Falcon F-16" back then, but this looks almost a bit boring. Most astonishingly, the background engine noise is pretty lame (and annoying) for an Amiga. The surface looks pretty cool though.

  4. So many obsessive hours…
    loved the MDK via amrams and the like
    BTW did anyone else try removing the crash setting, you bounced like a rubber ball…

  5. The Amiga had an amazing colour palette, man. Absolutely gorgeous.

    It's a shame everything has gotten so photorealistic. Being on the edge of 3D was amazing and these graphics are amazing for their time. I can remember how it felt like we were on the verge of awesomeness with the Amiga. It's a shame they never kept a line of machines coming.

  6. I remember seeing this game being previewed in a magazine before release and remember thinking to myself "Woah, those graphics are fucking awesome!!!" Boy how times have changed.

  7. The amiga had a lot going for it. If the brand had been better managed and reinvestment had been forthcoming, they might have pulled off what Apple did with the mac. But, no, the investors wanted their payout now, today, in profits. Not twice as much tomorrow in share dividends.

  8. Most of the Developers moved simply because in early '94 Commodore filed for bankruptcy… UK Developers in particular who strongly supported the Amiga platform, suddenly found themselves in serious trouble.

    I think what frustrates me is like Sega and Atari, the problems at Commodore came down to management problems and unwillingness to create deals. This almost killed Nintendo as well!

  9. Old comment, I know – but what the CD32 did have (that sadly to the best of my knowledge was never used) was a hardware "chunky" graphic implementation in the form of the Akiko chip which they could have leveraged for the 3D world. It actually ran playably on an A1200 with Fast RAM, though an '030 or higher was needed to get the best out of it.

  10. I remember reading a magazine in 1993 promising the release of TFX in early '94 for the Amiga 1200, but it just never seem to come. I remember seeing TFX in the shops for the PC a year later and searched in vane for it for the Amiga but just coundn't find it, so just got bored with hoping and gave up.

  11. Just couldn't get into this game as much as I wanted to. Knights Of The Sky was my fave flying/combat game for the Amiga! =)

  12. @averagegilo I remember reading a magazine about it in early 1994 and was amazed it was available the A1200 that I had at the time. I was really excited, but could never find it in the shops, probably for the reason you've said.

  13. god i rember having this game but for me very first pc i got and the uthere games that came after this like ef200 and euro fighter etc its a shame now you dont get eny flight sim type of games like this now


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