– Parts List – (Affiliate Link)
[✓] Replacement 8 Ball:
[✓] Key Ring / Wire Survival Saw:
[✓] Black Paracord:
[✓] Eye Bolt ( depends on what size drill bit you have)
Threaded End cap – Too expensive online, buy in store

– Lanyard Knot Tutorials –
[✓] How to Tie the 4 Strand Round Braid:
[✓] How to Tie the Crown Knot and Snake Knot

ZombieGoBoom Thunderball Test:
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How to Make: Stun Glove Taser:

How to Make: Watchdogs 2 Thunderball

Wrench Mask: Parts List / Video Intro (Affiliate Link)

[✓] Paintball Mask:
[✓] LED Display:

In this video I show the destructive capabilities of the Watchdogs 2 thunderball! I’d also like to try and upgrade this with the help of Captain Intrigue to add electric shock capabilities! With thunder, there always comes LIGHTNING, lets make it happen!

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  1. Yo but the real question is where did you get that mask or did you make that also cause I want something like that

  2. Have a freind that has one of these he was playing with it around me and he smack the fuck out my thigh with it oof

  3. if you wanna learn how to swing this thing properly, you might wanna look into ancient sling usage.

    because i imagine the technique is REALLY similar.

  4. How do you properly use it without getting yourself hurt in the proccess and actually weild it proffesionally for self defence??

  5. I know I'm late to the party, but if you're still looking for details on how to use this weapon, look up the "meteor hammer" used in Chinese martial arts.
    The principle is that you move in the same way that you would for fist combat (throwing it in the motion of a straight jab, sweeping like an overhead chop, etc.). However, the longer chord allows for greater acceleration and, therefore, greater force. It also allows for greater reach – getting around shields, keeping out of reach of counter-offense and so on – and reduces the risk of damaging the combatant's hand. On the other hand, it can also be used with the chord drawn in, for close-in combat.
    As was said in the video, though: use caution. The meteor hammer is considered an advanced weapon – typically taught after one has learned unarmed combat, batons/cudgels, sequentially longer and more flexible staves and then multi-section staves in progression. Remember to master (or at least have a good grasp of) the fundamentals before moving on to fancier things.


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