Hey everyone, last week I put out a video of some early game combat as Sol Force. Over the past couple of days I have been trying very hard to get up to leviathan on my Zuul game and succeeded tonight.

The following video is a weapons test for my Zuul Lev + combat against a dual team of Swarm and a System Killer with my Lev, two Dred, Cruiser fleet.

I was able to get up to turn 493 with no problems with Friday’s patch after applying a temporary fix for random encounters.

See my post on the Steam User Forums for SOTSII for more info on what I found weird with the game after Friday’s patch.

In case you are wondering why I am sitting still against that S. Killer, the movement is still a bit wacky. In a part I recorded but did not include here my Lev was flying off in the opposite direction of the target no matter what orders I gave it when I tried to move around behind the thing.

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  1. It seems like this version of the game has slightly different versions of the soundtrack compared to what I can find online.

  2. IIRC the developers said it was a nod to the Doomsday Machine from ST, so it's intentional. The game is loaded with SciFi references, like planet names and stuff.

  3. Well, it seems to be working. It's just incredibly frustrating and hard to control the fleets etc. The original game was confusing to start with but was somehow a lot more intuitive.

  4. @baronsengir187 Yes, I tried that however there was little change in the amount of lag. I have recorded 18 games with fraps and done tests with many more so I know the limits of my system. I am 98% certain that this lag is from my CPU not being able to keep up with both the game and fraps. If I had been recording at a lower resolution and graphics a bit there would have been less lag, but since this was not a recording project I was not tying to get the best quality possible.

  5. @baronsenfir187 I was using different hard drives. The recording drive is a usb drive however it has never cause me any lag while recording other needy games before nor during tests. The only time fps is a problem is when the game and fraps are fighting over cycles. Playclaw was able to record this without much lag, average 50 fps, but it has a bug at the moment where the audio always becomes desynced from the video during of loading screens, which is why I did not use it.

  6. Its not the CPU thats been overused by fraps. Its an I/O Problem. Use different hard drives for playing and recording. Not USB.

  7. @MrCayuga Not all systems are created equal. For example Saints Row 3 has a performance issue with all 6xxx series Radeon cards while 4xxx and 5xxx play the game just fine. I recorded this with Fraps which I have extensive experience with. Slow downs on modern games like SOTSII are completely normal when on full settings for my system (Q6600 @ 3.3Ghz, Vista 32-bit, 3.5 GB ram, Radeon HD 4870X2) when recording. I usually need to down the res when doing walkthroughs on newer games.

  8. @MrCayuga because its not? The problem is my specs. If I was playing it on 1280×720 at half texture resolution it would not be laggy. Like I said in game while I am not recording it is fine, fraps just sucks away the CPU power which causes the game to lag. Everyone knows Fraps is a cpu whore which is why quite a few people hate it.

  9. @MrCayuga My CPU is a bit on the low side of the requirements and I recorded it with Fraps which eats cpu power, this is why it was lagging. Not recording I get 45 to 60 fps. Although there is quite a bit of lag between turns and game windows as you get further into the game. Not sure what causes it however I have some theories.

  10. Wow, this looks awesome. I hope they at least manage to get some tool tips or something in soon so I can learn how to actually play the game.


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