SWIPE LEFT FOR DAMNATION (Grimdr w/ John, Ze and Aphex)

The Boys discover a new app! an app that will change how we pass judgement on others once they die, an app that allows us to have the final say. An app that will send its users to HEAVEN or HELL! Ze Royal Viking and Aphex take the task of being my influencers. This is Grimdr


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  1. Valentina non-binary

    Proceed to say she her

  2. I fucking choked on my drink just picturing Valentina start singing nickelback and the entire karaoke place turns and murders them

  3. What kind of game is this? Lmao.

  4. Thank you for being yourself and not changing, and always being humous!

  5. This is ok and all, but when are you giving us some more Derps Against Humanity? Tom already told us you recorded a session, so there's really no excuse at this point. Smarty.

  6. Do more of this game with people

  7. Wow, gotta love them Soviets! They caused John to sing a tremendous song!

  8. Cause of death: The Aristocrats.

  9. This was a really great vid. I loved the game and you three were hilarious together. Your singing at the end was also great. Poor Laika…

  10. Okay, I hope there is more of this, with others. To be honest, I misread this as Grindr lol.

  11. Just curious,who sing the song at the end there on the dog?

  12. I would love for my cause of death to simply be "the soviets"

  13. I want more now 😁

  14. Was enjoying this until I heard Aphex talk.

  15. actually fuck dude where did you get this app? I'm tryin to find it but everywhere thinks I'm just misspelling grindr. I have an android so I'm not sure if it's even available

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