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Street Fighter The Game The Movie already starts off with a weird idea: “Let’s digitize all the actors from our video game movie, outsource it, and cash in for a unique fighting game.” And coming from a movie that feels like GI Joe meets pure martial arts, it truly is…something. There’s a few gems in this absurd game and we’ll discover them in my Street Fighter review for video game movies month!

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Street Fighter/Donkey Kong Song by Ben Briggs

The Completionist Theme By Elite Ferrex –

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  1. This game…was my first Street Fighter ever 😅
    After that I played the arcade version (which in my opinion is the best of the two)

  2. Jirard seems a bit different…does he have a cold…alternate time line…lose weight…new haircut…yeah I’m stumped.

  3. I want to play a game that's based off of book, that was based off of a movie that was based off of a short story, that was based off of an old wives tale…

  4. I wish this game was not on two discs because emulating a multi disc game in OpenEmu can be a pain 🥖 in the ass

  5. This is gonna be someone's first completionist video and my god their reaction to their second will be priceless

  6. I…completely forgot this game even existed! I remember playing it once in the arcade because it was the only Street Fighter game they had for awhile… Only once…


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