Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game: The Trainwreck | The Completionist

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Street Fighter The Game The Movie already starts off with a weird idea: “Let’s digitize all the actors from our video game movie, outsource it, and cash in for a unique fighting game.” And coming from a movie that feels like GI Joe meets pure martial arts, it truly is…something. There’s a few gems in this absurd game and we’ll discover them in my Street Fighter review for video game movies month!

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Street Fighter/Donkey Kong Song by Ben Briggs

The Completionist Theme By Elite Ferrex –

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  1. What movie that was based off of a game would you like to see remade into a new game?

  2. Mom come pick me up I’m scared

  3. "QUICK, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!" is THE best line in the film.

  4. Sawada for SFV!!


  5. This game…was my first Street Fighter ever 😅
    After that I played the arcade version (which in my opinion is the best of the two)

  6. There are 12 opponents to mimic street fighter 2

  7. Jirard seems a bit different…does he have a cold…alternate time line…lose weight…new haircut…yeah I’m stumped.

  8. I like the game. It's so bizarre but it's still Street Fighter haha

  9. Deserves a remake. More i play more i like.

  10. I want to play a game that's based off of book, that was based off of a movie that was based off of a short story, that was based off of an old wives tale…

  11. Haha I actually played the shit out of this game.

  12. Holy shit! It took me 26 years to realize that Kylie Minogue played the role of Cammy 😄

  13. Probably one of the funniest episodes you have done. Very clever.

  14. I didn't know Jirard was married

  15. This is some inception level shenanigans going on right here

  16. I wish this game was not on two discs because emulating a multi disc game in OpenEmu can be a pain 🥖 in the ass

  17. This is gonna be someone's first completionist video and my god their reaction to their second will be priceless

  18. this video may be the best bit on this whole channel

  19. I…completely forgot this game even existed! I remember playing it once in the arcade because it was the only Street Fighter game they had for awhile… Only once…

  20. Guys, he SAID that he really IS Jirard. Come on now. That’s enough proof for me. #therealjirard

  21. sounds like the donkey kong county song

  22. Whoa dude did you lose weight or maybe it’s that crack I’ve heard much about

  23. I keep on thinking that “2 Hit Combo” says “Shit Combo.”

  24. This game sucks so bad Jirard had to outsource the review.

  25. Uh what the hell happened to Jirard?

  26. Raoul Julia was a treasure of a man.

  27. They pitch-shifted the theme music; did anyone else notice that?

  28. WHy are all the games in the background upsode down? is this whol ething a joke on bizzaro world?

  29. You can hear/See the family resemblance, thats mad lol! Awesome episode!

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