Solo-Agarabi-Challenge // Weird Agario Mode

I got nominated for the Solo Agarabi Challenge! I like agario way more, but if you wanna try it yourself:

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Elysium, Mendum

▶Previous Video:
▶Funny Agario Trolling Teams:
▶Insane Experimental Spwaner:
▶Last man Standing and Revenge Gameplay:
▶ƬψƬ ☢ Takeover:


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  1. noob my hihg score is 406 sorry for my englis i m nederlands

  2. Those weird things are bots I think

  3. how do u play that game???i've tried playing that but my dot wouldn't move and i kept dying 🙁

  4. Hey,everyone i'm new Agario YouTuber,and i would aprecciate if you hit that Subscribe button!It only takes half a second!Thanks everyone!

  5. The tyt thing doesn't work

  6. Sirius. Just to tell you. Everything you do is amazing. All your videos. Please. I might sound like a random fan, I know. But you dont know WHAT I would do to join TYT Clan. I am experienced. My Teaming record is 53,471 and my Solo record is 13,433.
    If I could join I would be ƬψƬ ☢ Łσυ. PLEASE LET ME JOIN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!

  7. you pro Sirius i' am record is 148

  8. how does one simply join ƬψƬ??

  9. all tyts are russian
    me too

  10. <3
    Play WTFFFF Plays

  11. Me 350 Pts Ohhhhhhhh Okkk

  12. dislike

  13. Agar Hero Had A INSANE Score Of About 500

  14. i've played it on 5 computers with different mice and i've found out that my mouse is too fast (i am always changing mouse settings to the lowest speed)

  15. Theres a glitch in this game… Press space to pause then just place Your mouse wherever you want then unpause game. Youll Teleport through big cells. Easy way to get out of tight spots and right to small ones

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