Snollygoster – STK-5S – First go at Assault Class

My first attempt at the Assault (brawling) class is underway! I’ve determined to master the Stalker chassis, and have started with the STK-5S. I feel it’s one of the more powerful Stalkers since it mirrors the loadout of a STK-3F but can also house an additional AMS. This makes it the best dual AMS mech in the game, and gives the chassis an advantage versus the Atlas for group play. This would be more important if I played 8man, but I don’t. I 4man at most.

Yes. I overheat while sophisticated Urbanmech sneers. I’m learning. Yes. I crit everything like a boss in the first two clips. In order: (Atlas) 2 LRM 15s, (Atlas) AC/20, (CTF) AC/10+Mlas+Llas & Ammo explosion, (STK) SRM6+LL. I wonder how many HS I ripped out of people on top of that. This is the primary reason why I don’t drop the PPCs, though I could fit everything so much more easily, and with better ammo, if I just downgraded to LL’s or less!

I tried to tone down the music in this one. The laser farts are still very present, just less common. The song helps that fade into the background noise a little bit.

And to Jooky+Rastal, that was beautiful!


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  1. Oh I'm such a nonce. Thanks bro.

  2. Hit Forward slash (/) to open the bay doors in your ears. You can check to see if they're open/closed by viewing the two angled cockpit supports. They weren't working in the build I shot this in, but the parts with hazard tape will have a light indicator. Yellow = Closed. Green = Open. Red = Destroyed.

  3. I'm getting 2 volleys of srm6 with the 5S :-/

  4. Nice vid. This will seal my choice for which stalker to buy next. SRM6s that work 🙂

  5. Nice gameplay. I will be checking out the Stalker soon. I am focused on mastering my Jenner and Cataphract now. Check out some of my vids as well.

  6. Very nice build. I just switched from Single heat sinks to DHS and I get far less heat issues with the Stalkers.

  7. Makes sense, in the tabletop game, the Stalker was slated as a slow moving weapons platform that increases its damage the closer it gets to its target.

    I currently have mine fitted as a short range killing machine. 4 Medium Lasers and 4 SRM6's, with 2 AMS. I like it, but my problem is the lack of long range weapons

  8. Considering the stock loadout is 2 LPL, 4 Mlas, 2 SRM6, 2 LRM 10 I reduced tonnage by fitting it this way. The Stalker really fits more weapons than it should, with the caveat that it will never fit the heat sinks to be efficient at it.

  9. I'm using a STD 250 right now.

  10. Very well done I must say. What engine are you using?

  11. How did you manage to fit 2 PPC's, 4 Medium Lasers, and 4 SRM6's into this mech?

  12. i'll go for it tonight

  13. Hey thanks for the load out im trying it now!!

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