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Developed by Syngergistic Software and published by Mastertronic (Arcadia Systems) in 1988

While I hadn’t played SideWinder before, it’s easy to see why it’s highly regarded by those who have. The developers managed to create a convincingly authentic arcade shmup experience, with plenty of explosions and non-stop action.

My only complaint is the difficulty is somewhat bananas in the later levels, although it’s possible to adjust this on the fly; genuinely unique for a game from this time period!

For those wondering, the game has no end – it just loops after level 06.

Coding: Darrin Massena, Hayes Haugen
Graphics: Jonathan Sposato, Michael Ormsby, Robert C. Clardy
Music: David Whittaker

Time Codes
00:00 – Loading Screen (music by David Whittaker)
01:36 – Main Menu
01:50 – Level 01
04:25 – Level 02
07:01 – Level 03
09:33 – Level 04
12:21 – Level 05
14:55 – Level 06


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  1. This was one of those early Amiga Mastertronic games, I purchased this in late 88 and thought (after moving to the Amiga from the 8-bit computers) this is next-gen, lol.
    If you listen closely, you can hear sound effects from Twilight Zone, Dr Who, and perhaps more TV shows. I remember the title screen well because I kept thinking, I've heard this music somewhere before – I believe it was Panther on the C64 (??) by the same musician.
    For a early title, it's not half bad. But just a year later, in 89, came the much much superior Hybris.

  2. Hm, that intro music is stolen.. from what I can't remember right now 😉
    Also the explosions in game seem to come from Firepower.

  3. This come out for the arcades on the Arcadia system that joined games like aaargh, xenon and Rockford. All the games were quite poor really. Sidewinder seems to have the standard generic explosions and sounds most cheap games back then on the Amiga had. Not much variety in the enemies too. I noticed slow down and delays switching level to level. FX are good though, cheeky use of the TARDIS sounds are a nice feature. Saying all this it does seem to have that one more game pull to it 👍


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