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There are so many great moments in games that gave everyone who played a game a joyful memory of the game.. either by seeing something spectacular like an awesome cut scene in the game, maybe something funny or maybe just a theme song that made the game so memorable….

There were also some very bad moments like suckish controls, very unplayable, being so tough it made you want to take a bat and smash the game, or the ending sucked so much after working so hard to beat it.. you end up finding one of the worst endings ever!!!

And now we have the Weird moments except instead of weird…. it’s more like sexual and perverted moments in games… There are so many but some were used in my previous videos and some weren’t that funny… so, I picked out quite a lot of hilarious perverted and sexual moments in gaming… you just can’t believe your eyes…

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SEXUAL, WEIRD and FUNNY Video Game Moments in GAMING History

WEIRD and STUPID Video Game Moments in Video Game History

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  1. Please highly have in mind this isn’t age restricted and this needs to be age restricted if any nudity is spotted

  2. @somedamnfangirl actually it's kari whalgren, the voice of Saya Otonashi of blood+ and Kagami of lucky star, though i thought it was rukia's actor too at first but quickly realized it was kari whalgren instead.

  3. insert it into my back…like this
    i got it here it goes.
    ah. ouch.
    it's ok push it all the way
    HAHA thats hilarious…


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