Sentarrius Phillips' Revenge Game vs Browns – Madden 20 Broncos Franchise (Y4:G9) – Ep.69

Welcome to the Madden 20 Franchise with the Broncos.

The sliders

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  1. 10:55 please dont feel good about that sack. The CPU was starting to feel bad and gave you that one. Both outside curls were wide open.

  2. Cane: my TEs aren't doing well this season. Fant wide open 10 yards down field.
    Cane: checks down to running back short of the sticks.

  3. Thoughts on the game
    1) Layton is not a good QB. He kept on forcing Butler to play defense against Denzel Ward. He made some nice throws, but most of them were intermediate ones. His accuracy still isn’t good. I miss Rosen.
    2) The running game was good for the limit it had
    3) Butler is good, he really impressed me today. No one else on offense did, other than Peppers.
    4) The O-Line wasn’t awful today, at least not as we usually see it
    5) The defense isn’t good anymore. Miller shouldn’t be extended. The rush defense is awful. They gave up three untouched TDs (two from distance). The secondary wasn’t awful this game at least.
    6) This season is over
    Score Prediction for next week:
    Chargers- 38
    Broncos- 17

  4. Improve Team -> Free Agents -> Sort by "Block Shedding"

  5. It's becoming more and more frustrating to watch this team as the season goes along. By conventional wisdom, this team should be better, or at least at the same pace they were last season, but nothing is going right for whatever reason…

  6. Stop fuckin checking down take some chances holly

  7. I bet cane online record is 0-142

  8. We can’t lose to the browns starting nick mullens it just can’t happen I get their crazy talented in the game but still a team shouldn’t destroy this defense with a low 70s qb it’s time to start benching guys on both sides

  9. How can you be a full time YouTuber and throw the picks you throw😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. The irony of Baker going to Cincy is hilarious

  11. Be aggressive with the user!!!!!!!

  12. Also canes defense sucks! He wants the series to be realistic so bad, but won’t actually try on defense. Who users a player and just stands there doing nothing. Actually try to go for the interception. Actually try to defend the wide receivers instead of giving them touchdowns and no pressure at all. Cane if you actually try when you’re usering that’ll give boogie turner enough time to sack the qb. Cane i’m pretty sure everyone agrees with me. Cane one last thing turn abilities back on. Like this so cane can see it.

  13. For everyone saying Layton sucks and Layton this and Layton that it’s really not Laytons fault, it’s canes. Cane wants to not dive for the ball when it’s overthrown and not use possession or aggressive catch. That is so stupid. If cane wants the series to be realistic he needs to use that. What nfl player in real life Isn’t going to dive for the ball when it’s overthrown or not possession catch it and watch the ball hit the ground? Cane also needs to turn abilities back on.

  14. By won’t you modify the CPU’s pass block slider? It’s clearly Not working correctly

  15. Love the series but your offseason moves was not good Layton was not ready Rosen didn't play bad should of kept him. Von Miller need to be traded or move Chubb on the von side I would personally start no.11 Dion Price on offense more. the secondary needs to be redone. Love the series but you have work to do lol.

  16. We all have those years. And the Broncos are a tough rebuild. Im in Year 3 of mine and it hasn’t gotten much easier. Enjoy the content though. Keep it up!

  17. God damn this team is hot garbage

  18. Dion Price should touch the ball at least 6 times a game!!!!

  19. Put Price OUTSIDE. He isnt a slot receiver. He is a desean Jackson.

  20. Peppers is a beast. Continue to feed him. Him and Jennings is dynamic. Let him line up in five wide. Do SCREENS with him Peppers should be having the early impact JAMES LANGFORD had for the bears. Dynamic play. He had opportunities to bust the a long one this game. Price should be getting drag routes. His speed isnt utilized enough short or downfield. He is a flanker. Not a SLOT

  21. Price should be having games where he have about 150 yards receiving on 7 catches with about 3 of those being 30-40 plus yards

  22. Layton would be cam newton for me

  23. I would make Layton a superstar

  24. This team has regressed so much. Sad to see it.

  25. So uh Layton sucks, worse than Lock and Cain combined but he’s still the starter?

  26. The QB decision making is increasingly painful to watch 😭

  27. The tank for Huggins is serious.

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