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About Red vs. Blue Season 9:
This season follows two different but connected storylines. The present storyline follows Epsilon Church as he relives memories from Blood Gulch in the AI Capture Unit from Season 8, but tries to fix them when the Reds and Blues aren’t acting like themselves. The past storyline is set before the start of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, following the agents of Project Freelancer in their peak against a rogue UNSC faction.

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Season 9 – Drafted | Red vs. Blue


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  1. Lads. The MCC has arrived for PC. We can now mod their dialogue as Firefight Voices.

    Our favorite morons can now be drafted into Firefight.

  2. 1:36 "Sniper spree"? You mean to say that Church managed to land at least 5 shots with the sniper rifle? Color me impressed!

  3. I don't even play firefight that often but I'd pay a million credits just to have Caboose's firefight voice😂

  4. "Now the only thing I hate more than the aliens is their blood!  What a dilemma, I wonder if I could kill their blood…"  Blood cells are living things, it's possible if you use cyanide…


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