Noble Tha Bastud encounters a Renamon cosplayer. Or Reina Mom as they say…
Decided to check out a furry game called Amorous, which was recommended through Steam. I see they’re a company of culture as well. So let’s do this.

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Ratchet Noblewolf
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  1. Man I was screaming for you to recognise that these role playing as “Reina Mom” you stoopid, but I am also stoopid so we cool…

  2. as a kid I always wished I was born somewhere where I heard of Cosplay and that stuff sooner, now I feel that's not exactly an option anymore, at least not if I want to get this or that skill.

  3. You can romance all of the characters at the same time. When you get home from one date with one character, you can immediately call another for a date.

  4. This episode was a lot better than the first one. There were a few "issues" I had with the first episode (no its not that all characters are anthropomorphic animals). This episode felt a lot more…..I guess 'normal' isn't the exact word. Maybe 'relatable'? Anyway, main reason still stays. Noble Ratchet all the way!!!


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