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The ultimate battle between your favorite red and blue rivals. Any others you’d like to see?
Here are all the awesome people that helped out with this!

Iron Man and Captain America from Freakin Rad –

Obi Wan Kenobi played by Hudson, from Buff Dudes! –

Big thanks to the guys at Roosterteeth for their cameo! Check them out at

Lady Sonic created by Manzi. –

Youtuber cameo by Shonduras –

Hillary Clinton played by Aly L –

Music by Max Gorelick. Check him out!


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  1. When i was a bean booger i always watch just the cookie monster show or i'll will just watch the cookie monster it self and cookie monster is my fave so i think blue 🙂

    (i havent watch it yet, i'm in a coboy ads rn (yes idfk wtf is that too) so i'm sorry not quite sorry if i'm wrong)

    Edit: I'm right :b By the way i hate trump so thanks for killing him.


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