You are trapped in an unknown planet and everything is new to you. See if you can find your way out in this puzzle and physics game called Recursion. Control your character and then reach the flag pole to end the level. This game features a unique system where you can move to the other platforms by simply walking through the side of the screen. If you jump on the chasm, you will fall off from the ceiling. Use this feature to solve the puzzles and collect the star to gain extra points. But be careful for there will be lots of enemies and traps that can hurt you.



Recursion is a mice little puzzle platform game, your ship has just crash landed on a distant planet, and it will be up to you to get the character to safety by completing a series of levels laden with different obstacles and enemies for you to survive, in each of the levels, you will be tasked to collect all the stars and then reach the flag, once you do so, you beat the level and another one opens, the levels aren’t really that easy though as there are a lot of hazards and dangerous obstacles that are extremely harmful to the character like spikes that are all over the place and baddies that roam the levels, that’s besides the locked doors and the gravity you need to contend to, it’s going to be a challenge indeed and it’s going to be fun traversing the levels, besides the stars, there are also keys you need to collect, they come in different colors that open doors of the same color, the puzzles will be easy at first but after a couple of levels, it will start to become more complex and more challenging for you to solve as gravity will now be introduced and many more as you go up the levels, so do you have the skills to get the character to safety?, check out the game and see for yourself.

Graphics and Sound

The game features some simple retro graphics, everything that you’ll see in the different levels are of pixel arts, details are kinda low by the way, but that’s okay as retro games are normally like this, character designs is very simple but somehow everything still looked cute…’must be the classic appeal, the environments too are kinda simple, it is made up of platforms of different designs, simple foregrounds and backdrops, colors are great , everything is vivid and quite sharp, it also features a variety of colors for you to look at, animation and movements are simple but smooth, the character is quite responsive to the controls that is easy to move around, the backdrops feature some simple animation as well, music is nice too, a bit intense really and somehow makes the game quite exciting and fun, while the sound effect on the other hand is a bit simple, the special visuals are basic nothing fabulous or flashy to see here really, overall, the game is quite appealing even with its retro look, this would look even better for guys who dig this kind of game.


The gameplay is pretty straightforward and really simple, all you have to do is to collect the stars and keys and then get to the flag, it is not going to be easy though as there are a lot of things you need to consider, like the design of the platforms, obstacles, enemies that could kill your character on contact and even gravity, so don’t be surprised when your character dies multiple times…good thing the levels are very short, you won’t actually get tired restarting the levels several times, control is simple and very easy, you can use the arrow keys to move the character around.


Recursion features beautiful retro graphics and designs, there are a lot of levels for you to complete, lots of stars and keys to collect and it has simple controls for maximum fun.


It is pretty challenging actually, this really ain’t that easy to beat, the levels may be simple and short but they are really quite challenging, you need precision jumping to play this game through, check it out if you like retro platformers, you’ll have fun here for sure.

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