This might be the weirdest game I’ve ever played but I’M GLAD I DID!!
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  1. I remeber in my game making class in highschool, they taught me how to make a game like this in PowerPoint, and the levels were the slides.

  2. u get urself too flustered, the developers r very aware that not bein able to see makes it alot more difficult thats kinda the whole point games like this n games of chance seem like a waste of time i play a game for the fun of it not to able to say i did that or i kno whats at the end i dont care, games r supposed to b fun

  3. Just watching this is nearly put me into a panic attack and I think I'm going to have to stop watching and I'm typing this at the 13 and a half minute mark can't go on sorry.

  4. at 17:29 the word is ‘здоровье’ which means ‘health’ in russian. what i find ironic is that after watching this i had a head-splitting headache. ‘health’ indeed

  5. This game is probably harder than geometry dash, getting over it, and other rage games that markiplier has played in his life lol


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