Deep Inner Game Affirmations for Men for Attraction and Seduction with the best Female Voice was created by Francis Dating and it was my intent to create the highest quality affirmations video for men out there.

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The purpose of this PUA Affirmations Video is to help Men begin to internalize positive states of mind regarding Success, Seduction, and Attraction through regular listening. It alone will not magically change your life but is a tool designed to assist you on your journey toward success with women, and with life. It can be a great help in developing a positive state of mind as well as helping to build confidence.

I have been listening to positive affirmations for years and they have been a significant part of helping me create success and confidence in my own life.

Ideally you want to:
• Listen to the Track Using Headphones for the Best Experience
• Listen while relaxing, before bed, or as you fall asleep
• If you prefer you can click here 4:00:00 to skip to the 4 Hour Mark to listen to the music only for relaxation, meditation, or visualization

The idea behind listening to these affirmations is not to change you directly, but rather to give you a kickstart toward developing a positive psychology on your own through your own conscious decisions to make the choice to think positively on a regular basis.

Also, you must continue to take action toward the goals you desire. There will still be obstacles in your way, but they will be much easier to overcome when you have developed a positive mindset. It is through action that your goals will come to fruition.

Positive thinking is a choice and a skill, and like anything else is something that can be developed with practice. This video is designed to help you practice.

Also, these PUA Affirmations clearly have an element of attraction, meeting, picking up, and seducing women. If you are unfamiliar with my work, that is my life purpose, to help men have more success with women and in life.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to listen to my video and hope it helps you on your journey to becoming a better man.


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The Following is a list of some affirmations in this video:

I radiate love to everyone around me
I exude charisma because I maintain a positive lighthearted, loving energy at all times
There is no competition
I feel fucking amazing
Life is short and I am taking full advantage of it
Anytime I think a negative thought I replace it with a positive one.
Women love me
I am an incredible person
Women melt inside when I smile at them
I am improving each and every day
I am not afraid to get sexual because sexuality is beautiful
I am always leading the conversation and interaction
I radiate masculine power
Women crave a man like me on every level
All Women are in love with me, they just don’t know it yet
When I speak to anyone, an abundance of love is flowing out of me and they can feel it
People can feel it when I walk into a room
I am always in state because nothing matters
I love women and women love me
My body language is perfect
My eye contact is perfect
Practice makes perfect
I am learning and growing every day
I exude divine masculine presence
Women love it when I touch them
I am comfortable in any environment because wherever I go is my home
I never hide my attraction with a woman
I love the feminine sexual essence of a woman
When I fail, I automatically get better.
Failure is nothing to be afraid of.
I am what I think about so I choose to think about positive things.
If I have a negative thought, I immediately replace it with 5 positive ones.
I feel good, calm and relaxed at all times
I am getting more and more confident every single day
I am building the life that I want
Beautiful women love sex
I am always turning women on without realizing it
Whatever I think, I become
I use my imagination to manifest what I want in life
I am good enough because I am perfect
I am comfortable around all women
Believing in myself is the secret to my success
I am a god among men
I am always having fun with beautiful women

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  2. does it contain subliminal affirmations also ? or only spoken ones ? and why headphones ? because of binaural beats ?

  3. guys, I am serious. I have litetally listened to this once a week ago … and the last 2 nights while sleep… today , an amaaaaazing super beautiful girl started looking at me while smiling in a shyful way (looking at me and then looking down smiling) .. unfortunatly I was not in a position to to apprach her .. tomorrow i will … she was suppper beautiful… is this affirmation magic or what?!

  4. Good Job👏 but if you could do the affirmations on Positive and in the present that would be X10 times better.

  5. Bro i am pua from india I was having sex only 2twice a year Then i took a pua bootcamp from indian artist And started getting into pua world. Now i am fucking 2 women in a day . Now i respect women more thxx pua industry

  6. Hi this is a great program but I just want to make sure that there are know binureal beats or subliminal affirmation in this program if anyone can clarify this I would appreciate it 🙏

  7. The is one of the best positive affirmation videos I've ever listened to. I woke up today feeling great, energized, productive and ready for the world.

  8. I listen to this 15 minutes before I go to sleep and let it play throughout my sleep. I'm hooked on it and I truly believe it has helped me.

  9. All negative thoughts are mental garbage …. I love to make beautiful women wet… this seriously is the best stuff on YouTube

  10. any woman can falsely hashtag metoo you at any point in time. The law will destroy you, and if the woman is proven to have lied ….. nothing at all will happen to her. There wil be no consequence of lying about you for her. Your career will be forever destroyed by a false accusation….. good luck on your 'conquest' 🙂


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