PSX Longplay [076] Apocalypse

Played by: Kubbles

A strange little PSx game that stars Bruce Willis as the lead character in a fight to prevent the end of the world. The story, according to the game manual, is that a religious leader known as the Reverend has forced religion on the masses and banned all science. He then summons the four horsemen to bring judgement day to earth. Trey Kincaid, who had been sent to prison for practicing science, must defeat the four horsemen and save mankind from certain doom.

Fun Facts:
-Bruce Willis provides the voice of the lead character, although his involvement with the game was limited.
-The game’s engine was later reworked by Neversoft and used for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

00:00 – Opening & Title Screen
01:15 – Level 1: Prison
09:48 – Level 2: Sewers
17:02 – Level 3: City
25:52 – Level 4: Death
28:33 – Level 5: Rooftops
42:02 – Level 6: Graveyard
47:38 – Level 7: Plague
50:34 – Level 8: War Factory
60:47 – Level 9: War
63:49 – Level 10: White House
69:22 – Level 11: The Beast
73:48 – Ending & Credits


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  1. I loved this game as a kid!

  2. Watched the entire walkthrough. Man the memories…
    So many movie references i didn't noticed that time. My favorites are when Trey enters the labor to see Larry and says to him "I thought you were dead" is a quote directly from Escape from New York and and the robots at Level 8 war factory are modeled after the Ed209 from RoboCop. Not to forget the Pulp Fiction reference Trey says to his ex girlfriend "It's a Chopper Baby" just to name a few.

  3. Is that Bruce Willis voice???

  4. One of my first played game in 2000 PS1 PlayStation….one of the best game ever…still remember the game when seeing this video….

  5. the atmosphere of that game,looks like my dreams

  6. 17:49 I wish I had play this when I was younger. I would surely lose my mind right about here

  7. A true blast from the past.

  8. This game felt a lot longer when I was younger. Lol

  9. I was addicted to this game like crazy when I was a kid. One thing I could never do though is defeat the last boss and when I went back to the game a few months down the line after constantly trying my PS1 broke. After that the ps2 came out so I just didn't bother going back. Lol

  10. The Apocalypse game engine was reworked for use on Neversoft's next title, the seminal Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.[6] Already having in mind that they were going to begin work on Tony Hawk following completion of Apocalypse, the team said they had developed rough in-house playable demos of Trey Kincaid skateboarding around Apocalypse's game environments in order to experiment with the way they wanted Tony Hawk to feel. Even though Neversoft continued to develop and evolve the engine primarily to suit the needs of the Tony Hawk series, it was also put to use in another action title by the team, the popular Spider-Man game they released in 2000. The aspect of the engine that allowed for the live-action music videos to be displayed within Apocalypse's game world was also utilized in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater as well as other subsequent Neversoft titles.

  11. i love this game.. memories

  12. 2:42 "How do you plead?" IM GONNA STICK MY FOOT SO FAR UP YOUR A- "GUILTY! I sentence you to death!"
    A simple but epic one liner by good old Bruce Willis

  13. LOL Bruce Willis caring more about his job in this game than most of his movies in the past 20 years

  14. I used to play this on a demo disk lol

  15. i hope the avgn review this game

  16. wow memories, havent played it in like 10-15 years but when I watch this video I remember it as it was yesterday..

  17. Moving around in this game was a thing of beauty . Other games at that time felt clunky and awkward, but in this game movements were so free and satisfying.

  18. muy buen juego alguien sabe si salio
    uno parecido o igual para ps2

  19. stuck with me allmy gaminglife kill them all let god sort them out

  20. Wow!! I loved this game! Still sits on my game shelf awaiting a sequel…

  21. What I wouldn’t give for a sequel or remaster.

  22. 23:56 What's the hell say?

  23. Este juego es difícilisimo y para mi es uno de los mejores de la ps1 por no decir que nunca pude vencer al jefe final, porque llegar ahí es un coñazo

  24. Bruce in Apocalypse was like Duke Nukem on steroids… Oh, wait….

  25. I had a demo disk and I would play the demo over and over hoping that the game would glitch out and I’d be able to play the full thing.
    I miss being a kid

  26. Did anybody else play this on a demo disc?

  27. This was a brilliant game

  28. Thanks for posting this 😊 this takes me back

  29. Man looking at all these vids makes me so mad I gave away so many of my old school games.


  31. Back then, were games were games.

  32. I never understood the plot of this game

  33. What the narrator said at 6:00?

  34. OMG iv been looking for this game for yeeeeeeeeeeaaars i played this when i was a kid

    I always remember that beeeast turn the citys to ash part

  35. Best thing is that even my dad loved this game when I was little. Because his favorite movie actor plays the main character.

    Keeps saying the quotes from the game randomly after he played it. Thanks dad for being so awesome those days!

  36. God, I loved this game back in the day.
    Thank you.

  37. one of the best ps1 action game

  38. How do I not remember this game?!?

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