Let’s Play Project Automata: Build factories, construct transport lines, move resources, produce goods in this Tycoon Sim.

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The world is on the verge of technological revolution, and you alone are in the perfect position to usher in a new era of greatness. Take charge of the new technologies of automated machinery, diesel engines, and motor vehicles, and lead the growing civilization into the glorious future of industrialization.

Strategically place your headquarters, factories, warehouses, and resource gatherers to make optimal use of the terrain available to you, while leaving the cities on the map with plenty of room to expand themselves.

Trade with the cities you encounter, providing them with the requested resources or products in exchange for resource rewards and persistent buffs to your industrial capability. Unlock new town levels as you satisfy more and more of the growing city’s needs, earning yourself greater and greater rewards each time.

Build roadways to facilitate the transportation of both raw and finished materials at every stage of the journey; from resource gatherer to warehouse to factory to the final stop at a city’s trade depot, your transportation network is the lifeblood of your industrial empire.

Project Automata is designed with an eye towards both accessibility and depth. Taking inspiration from classic games like Transport Tycoon, Anno, Factorio, and Industry Giant, Project Automata has enough strategic complexity and replayability to satisfy the most experienced lovers of the genre, while its simple-to-understand mechanics ensure that new players will love it as well.

Jump into the shoes of an early 20th-century industrialist, start your own industrial revolution, and build a financial empire to rival any in history.

Project Automata is an industrial tycoon simulation game with an advanced A.I. driven economy that will challenge and surprise players at every turn. Every town has it’s own mayor and council that makes autonomous decisions and constantly changes the economic landscape, which creates a living, breathing world. Combined with procedurally generated maps, no two games are ever the same. If that’s not enough, we are also planning unique scenarios and a story rich campaign.

Our dedicated and hardworking development team has spent over a year slaving away at their keyboards to bring us this beautifully hand-crafted, genre-blending game that combines the best of real-time-strategy with a sophisticated industrial simulation. The wonderful and whimsical art style combined with the beautiful musical scores will keep you engaged and playing for hundreds, if not thousands of hours.

Of course it would never have been possible without the love of our fans. So, from all of us here at Dapper Penguin Studios – Thank you! We hope you enjoy the game, follow us as the development continues, and back us when our Kickstarter goes live on October 1st, 2016.

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  1. This was a really great little series, you showed off the game in a way that really made me want to play it! Can you recommend any games which are currently released which have an industry focus that are currently live? (aka. less sim city, more sim proletariat?)

  2. once you get these needs filled could you please play again on the huge map size? i bet there are both more towns And more resources

  3. The game's information windows are some of the best of any management game I've seen (even the small details, like the orange circles moving along the dotted line, to represent the trucks' position along the route), but I think it's hard to judge the gameplay at such an early stage.

    For example, I don't think it makes much sense to only have export mechanics. You should also be able to set up "import trucks", that fetch the desired product from the nearest source (or manually configured to get it from a specific source).

    Apparently the game is supposed to have some sort of "trade depot" building, but it's not very clear if those are just meant as a way to create intermediate storage and then send it to multiple destinations, or if they also support gathering products. And will you still need to tell your factory trucks to take the products to that "trade depot", or can you simply build it adjacent to a production building and have the goods from that building immediately available to the depot? It would be a bit silly if you had to have trucks travelling constantly between two adjacent buildings.

    So it's kind of early to tell if the gameplay will be any good, and if it will have any "USP" (unique selling point) to set it apart from other games.

    I'm also not sure the name is very appropriate. When I hear "Project Automata", I expect something more like Factorio, not a bunch of little towns with trucks presumably driven by little people. Maybe it's just a working title? Or maybe you'll be able to build conveyor belts and robots?


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