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This week playing the News comes to you from the centre of France. And while everyone is enjoying themselves at Gencon, I am not too jealous. I am spening time with my family. The biggest news for this week is the opening of the 2016 olympic games in Rio. Especially for my family. I can brag to my son that I was representing The Netherlands in the 2014 Carcassonne world championship. But then my father in Law will tell my son that he was participating in the 1964 olympics in Tokyo, & the 1968 olypics in Mexico. He was competing in the 100 metres and with his 69 years old, he still runs faster than I ever will.
This week I am playing a game that I can bring with me foremost. But second, is always a blast to play. This week I am playing: Boochie!

In Boochie every player receives a ring, a ball and a scoring track. They try to throw the ring and the ball, as close as they can to the Boochie. Which is basicly a big D12, where every side gives the players a random way of schoring extra points.
The scoring track is something special as well. Because every time you score a point, the scoring track will give you an assignment on how to throw your next turn. Like throwing with your wrong hand, with your eyes closed, or while you are spinning around. a lot of fun. Boochie is a great game. You can play in anywhere. In the woods, at the beach, we always have it with us.

So I hope you enjoy your summer. Enjoy the olympics. I enjoy playing Boochie.
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