This is Pixels Brix. The LazyTown version of Breakout. In Pixels Brix, you have a paddle and you must bounce the purple ball up into the layer of Brix and hit them all to clear each level. Unlike the arcade game Breakout, your ball doesn’t move any faster if you get up into the higher layers of Brix, nor does your paddle shrink if the ball hits the top of a level. And also, you have unlimited lives (Purple Balls) so you can miss your ball and let it hit the bottom of the screen for an unlimited amount of times. This game only ends when you complete level 10.

You have several power-ups that you can acquire for your ball once you hit them in each level’s layer of Brix. The full list of them is below:

Power Ball: This power-up shows up first in level 1 as level a rainbow colored brick that keeps running through a cycle of the rainbow’s colors and once hit, your ball will turn red allowing you to run through and destroy as many Brix that you hit without going back down to your paddle once you rebound the ball back up to the top of the screen.

Sticky Paddle: This power-up appears first in level 1 as well as a light blue brick with a purple triangle pattern on it and once hit, your paddle will turn green and sticky and have the ability to make your ball stick to it until it’s released back up into the layer of Brix. This power-up is needed to make a glitch happen on any level that it’s on. Which I demonstrated on level 4. 🙂

Multiple-Balls: This power-up makes it’s first appearance in level 2. When hit, your purple ball will multiply into 4 with three other yellow/orange balls also flying around with your purple ball giving you extra balls to destroy all of the Brix.

Bigger Paddle: This power-up appears first in level 3. It is a gray brick with a lighter gray wave pattern on it on the bottom of them. Once hit, they will expand your paddle to an even bigger size allowing you to bounce your ball back to the top of the screen a lot easier.

This game is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it for any Breakout fan! Especially if you like both Breakout and LazyTown! 🙂

Want this games two awesome music tracks? Comment below for a download link to them.

And as always, thanks for watching everybody!


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