Pika Man (Super Mario Bros hack) [Famicom] – Playthrough

Aka. Raping my childhood once again with another fucked up hack.
Well, this hack is slightly better than Pandamar imo, as the Pikachu sprites look kinda cute, when he is big, and the title screen isn’t as screwed up, as in other hack.

Other than that, this hack is still one of the worst SMB hacks ever made imo.
Played from one of my newly picked up Famicom carts, which I’ll make a few videos about later. 😉

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  1. The score is:191400

  2. It's Pikachu,that cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️

  3. This Year Is 2020:I remember playing this on my first ever console that we are bad at playing it and realizing this game is a mario game rip off .-.

  4. 27:12 – Princess Vivian!

  5. I remember seeing this game in demo in some old gigantic thrift shop back in my childhood.

  6. No soy racista pero…¿Porque la princesa de Pika Man es de color oscuro?

  7. The only sprite that is overall charming to me in this Game now is Mario after obtaining a Powerup. (The Pikachu creature. Should we even call him Mario?)

    Other then that It's just SMB with the Graphics,Music and Sprites changed. The Music is pretty bad though.

  8. Where found this game rom from nes? Hugs Br 👍💪

  9. Link rom or download please

  10. Ive seen one with Mario…..

  11. Plz get link of this game

  12. الله احلى لعبه بيكاشو القديمه ايام الاتاري ابو الكاسيت

  13. A mi estafaron hace 8 años con un cartucho de esos que venía junto con olimpíadas, el toy story era bomberman, pikachu era el Mario bros 1, todo lo parchaban

  14. I like how the music just gives up after two levels.

  15. Recuerdos una version de super mario bros con ese estilo y esa musica… Lo he buscado y no lo encuentro…

  16. It reminds me when my mom bought me my first nintendo :')

  17. Mano, eu não acredito que joguei um jogo chamado Pika Man KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  18. AlexSMRD, I will pray to God that whatever you desire the most in life, you get it. You have no idea what a good deed you did to me by uploading this video. I played this game from my 2nd grade to 5th grade every day after returning from school! I'm currently in college. But, I donated my gaming console and cartridge to Orphans! I'm glad through your link I will download the pirated version of this Mario Rip Off!

  19. Yo llegue a jugar ese juego xd

  20. this game was also in the nintendo polystation

  21. У меня в детстве помимо этой версии была такая же, с такой же музыкой, только за Марио! Причём у Марио там были чёрные штаны. До сих пор не могу найти эту версию.

  22. Oh god this is just awful ! :O

  23. Alex thank you soo much! I locked this game everywhere. ^w^ ♡

  24. This lovely shit bring me back old memories :')

  25. i had one when i had a knock off "atari" console

  26. also known as Pka Chu in some cartridges

  27. Yo tengo esa mierda de juego D:

  28. Yet another crappy pirated Mario hack with worst music ever, lovely!

  29. как же я мечтаю о такой версии, жаль рома в сети нет. так бы уже на флешке висел давно))

  30. This and the panda music are the worst ever! But I love pirate multicarts!

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