Everyone loves a good racing game. The screeching rubber, the heart-pumping speed, the death-defying stunts. And that’s exactly what we get in Overtorque Stunt Racing. Well, that, and a whole lot more.

Even after loading the game up for the first time, the professional way it presents itself is more than enough to let you know that you’re in for somethign special when it comes to online games. Overtorque Stunt Racing doesn’t only set the bar, it raises it.

Definitely the first thing you’ll notice are the gorgeous graphics. The cars are beautifully rendered, the landscapes are detailed and well-presented, the track is very well modeled, and it all comes together extremely nicely. You won’t find any palette-swapped cars here, they’re all individual models with their own design, contours, and color schemes. The tracks as well look as if they could easily be on a non free-to-play online game and would look right at home on a PC game.

As if having great graphics wasn’t enough, Overtorque Stunt Racing further blows you away with excellent sounds. The music is fast and catchy, the sound effects sound great, and overall everything comes together perfectly. Just about everything has sounds. You’ll hear every screech of your tire, the different sounds of your engine as it changes gear, and even the smashing of your chassis as you fail to do those complicated stunts.

Now, as great as this game looks and as wonderful as it sounds, it won’t go anywhere if you don’t have good control over your car. If you’re familiar with racing games, then you should be right at home here. There are, however, some additional controls to help along the “stunt” portion of Overtorque Stunt Racing. Your arrow keys will control the car while it’s on the asphalt, and the arrow keys with “A” and “D” give you additional control while doing some air time (though the real-world physics of that is questionable at best) which allows you to time and control your stunts. You’ve also got a booster which you can access with the space bar, and you’ll be making liberal use of it at times for the best stunts. You can also hit Shift to brake, and with enough practice you can use this to make some pretty sharp turns, as long as you know what you’re doing.

You’ve also got different game modes, Race, Hot Dog, Interceptor, and Free Roam. You’ll probably be playing Race mode the most often, and that’ll probably be the mode you use to get your cash. Without said cash, you won’t be able to upgrade your ride to its full potential, something that you’ll definitely want to do. Each mode plays very differently, and all are equally enjoyable. Add the fact that the AI is fairly competent, and you’ve got a definite winner of a game.

All in all, Overtorque Stunt Racing is a great game. Even if it’s a casual free-to-play, it should still be able to interest more seasoned racers with its great graphics and excellent gameplay.

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  1. the game is sort of annoying but it is a decent game after all, I am really into racing games, you need to drive to be more adept

  2. I have to agree on the controls, it is really slippery, I can also drive the car just fine but racing it with the other opponents requires a lot of effort in steering the car, the controls are not very responsive, but this is pretty though, the graphics is really nice, it is the controls that need adjusting.

  3. Very pretty but very hard to steer as well, it's like driving on ice, it's really very hard to control the car, when I raced, my opponents were long gone and my car is still wobbling at the road side, I can't seem to figure out how to drive the car properly, I think the controls need fixing.

  4. the game looks very pretty, the graphics look so fine, looks like one of those high end racing games, I had fun playing the game though I didn't have any luck winning the races, I drove the cars so slow, I enjoyed the scenery as much as I enjoyed the drive, the game is really nice, the developers put a lot of effort on the skins, check it out guys, this game is one of the best I've seen so far.

  5. the game is very nice graphically, and the tracks are quite long and exciting but I agree @steyr harkevich, I think the controls really need fine tuning, it's too slippery and the road is not even wet…lol, the game is hard for me, not because of challenging tracks or even intelligent AIs, but the drive itself, it almost feels like the wheels are gliding above the race tracks.

  6. I like this game, it's definitely very pretty, the graphics is very much detailed, the 3D environments simply look marvelous, the cars look nice and can be upgraded, there are four different race modes in this game, each with a different task to perform, try speeding up on the ramps…you can actually control the car in mid air, try doing stunts while you're at it, this game rocks.

  7. I think there's something wrong with the controls of this game, this game is really difficult to drive, I'm very fond of racing games but this one is really hard to drive, the game feels like the wheels lacks grip on the road, I think they should recalibrate the controls, this game is pretty when it comes to graphics but it doesn't mean that this game is fun to play, in fact, I find this game disgusting, the developers put too much effort on the skins and not on the controls.

  8. This game is pretty alright but the controls needs to be re calibrated in my opinion…I played this game and I find the cars slippery to drive (or is it just me?). Anyway, the graphics look pretty much detailed and it really looks so nice but the car is not really very responsive to the controls…check it out, this game's still nice though…you'll probably never find a flash game as pretty as this one in the net…

  9. has anyone experience what I have experienced???I tried playing the game again and when I tried to the same thing in uproad in the INtercept mode, I flipped like a turtle again…hehehe…I really do hope they can do something about it…be careful on that part though…but I like the hotdog mode than the other modes… 🙂

  10. This game is probably the prettiest game in this channel…the graphics look very nice indeed, the cars are well designed and the tracks have a high level of detail…the game is so nice overall but it still needs improvements…especially on the controls and enemy AI…I like my racing opponents fiercely competitive and keeps me on the edge of my seat…lol. I like this game, it's really hard not to appreciate this one…check it out…

  11. Nice game…very pretty on the graphical side and the cars look nice too but the controls are a little difficult…the cars are hard to drive…and somewhat slippery, I think the controls need adjustments…well, just a little bit. The tracks look nice and long and the background scenery are well designed…it's very hard not to appreciate it while racing…lol. Has anybody beaten the game? What's your technique? I'm having a difficulty with the driving…

  12. This is a great game, looks well funded…hehe. This game rocks…If you're the kind of gamer who looks for nice graphics…you just found one, this one's probably the prettiest flash game I've ever played. The cars look great and the background scenery are awesome and the color blending is cool to the eyes…even the particle fx are so fine…and to think this is a flash game…kind of makes me wonder how much money was spent on this game…check it out..

  13. Pretty cars…and a nice racing game. This game is fun, I love the cars, they look so cool and great tracks…well made and the scenic view is awesome. I played this game a while ago and enjoyed it. There's just one thing I don't like in the game…its the car controls…it feels "slippery" sometimes, I think the game control scheme needs fine tuning. But overall this game rocks…I recommend this game to seasoned gamers…you'll definitely like this one…

  14. indeed it is a great game and I like the feature of the game having different race types…I just have one problem in the Intercept type, when I went up the road fast, I flipped like a turtle lying on its back and I can't get up so I need to reload the page…hehehe… 🙂 I hope it will be fixed…

  15. I love the graphics, the design of the car but I find hard on playing games like this, because I usually do not know how to control. I always hit the sides and fall.
    But my nephews, like this as I recommend this to them, they play this right after they come home from school, and I have a hard time of telling them to stop playing because they really having fun in playing.

  16. This game looks great, easily one of the best looking racing game in its class. The graphics look awesome, I had a blast playing this game, the controls are very easy to master and the car is very responsive, even a beginner can finish the level in decent time, just make sure to tune your car properly before going for a race, a well tuned car has a better chance of beating your opponents. I enjoyed this game so much, it's a lot of fun and highly entertaining…check it out…

  17. lol..thank you…but Oden did most of the coding work. Our goal was to put out a game that looked good for a team of developers even though we only had one programmer. The Unity Engine really helped too.

  18. Hang time… Baby! This game is the only one that offers air time maneuverability which is quite unique in its genre. This game offers great race tracks and a scenic view. At the start of the race you are given a choice of cars that can be upgraded later on in the game. Before racing tune up your car to improve speed and handling, this will increase your chance of winning a race and be sure to pass those green arcs(checkpoints). the only drawback is that the game play is slow for a racing game.

  19. You got that one right dude, this game rocks and i played this a week ago and i had to play it again, the graphics is rich and vivid like other games i know that shows car like a box of soap.This one is better that the rest.
    Doing stunts mid air is awesome, i couldn't ask for a more addition.

  20. Careful with every twist and turns on this game coz it might acause your defeat and mind you, we don't like being losers.
    The game is rich in content and i would say that drifting on game makes it more fun.
    I like it how they incorporated the free roam coz it brings a taste like GTA.
    I'm quite a fun of that game and this one makes it more enjoyable.

  21. This game reminded me of NFS2: Carbon. It was one of my favorite games when I was a kid and what I liked most about it was the free roam option. It was great that this game has it as well. I enjoyed roaming around the tracks and finding the secrets. The developers really proved their hard work and this paid off. I love this game!

  22. I would agree with you about the racing being dull…but, the cars abilities are meant to be pushed and attempted during races to "see what you can get away with". As a person gets better at controlling the car, the more fun races can be.

  23. Ask and you shall receive…2 months later…I'm sorry. Youtube will not allow me to post the site where a secrets map is available. If you could go to Kongregate and look at the game description there…there is a tab for updates where the web address for the secrets map is located. good luck and thanks for playing our game.

  24. The race and game play itself is quite dull but the fact that you can control the car as it tumbles in the air is quite fun and unique. The graphics is a solid 7.5 out of 10 as opposed to other racing games in the browser platform. It needs a bit of work in sound and animation.

  25. Stunts and graphics are the best thing which loved most in this games. The Background and sides of the roads are pretty cool and it can be used for better stunts. The roads and graphics are the most important things which i loved at most.


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