On my search for the best parkour shoe I review the Ollo pk shoes.

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Title: Bustre – Combine
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Animation: Zeb Jackson

Music: – Kitten Air – ScottDW Check out my recommended parkour products on Amazon. Best Parkour Shoes, Apparel, Fitness Equipment and Film Gear.


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  1. J arrive pas à acheter les Shoes

  2. Have you tried merrell vapor glove 3?

  3. Trust me, they're HORRORABLE on handrails and bars…

  4. Could you try the Vans Ultrarange Rapidweld? I see them a lot, and they seem like they'd fit your preference.

  5. Storror tens, take flight ultras or these?!

  6. Where could you buy the OLLO shoes? Online, in-store? I really want to try them out?

  7. Just bought me a pair a week ago. They work great.

  8. Take flight ultra follow up review pls!

  9. Where can I buy these shoes

  10. Well I guess it is time for the ollo S series
    (Sapien S, Zero S)

  11. Puma smash SD, they seem like they'd be good but idk

  12. Review the take flight ultras or 1.0's 🙂 I think I saw you wearing the Take Flight Ultras in the "Heart Race" video 🙂 thanks! You're awesome Ronnie 🙂

  13. How about the new JIYO shoes?

  14. Can you please do a review on the take flight shoes

  15. Hey Ronnie I got the new Nike FlexExperienceRN5 today and they work similar to the ollos😌

  16. thanks ronnie your awesome man

  17. Are the OLLOs tight on your toes, width wise? For me the toe box on the OLLOs look narrower than a standard running shoe.

  18. Cow chop makes dreams come true

  19. Are those OLLO Zero or OLLO Sapien?

  20. where u get this shoe

  21. Hay Ronnie street stunts I try getting the ollo shoes but I could. Do u think u can do something about it if u can

  22. Ronnie shalbis vs tanner braungart anyone!?

  23. what is your best kids parkour shoe?

  24. In future videos, can you please include a link to the amazon page for the shoe if possible?:

  25. +Ronnie Street Stunts As of right now, what parkour shoe do you recommend using for any condition and obstacles?

  26. Definitely like your flow. Thanks for the review.

  27. Where would you trust to get these shoes?

  28. Can u do one on the Nike freeruns or/and five fingered shoes

  29. Hey Ronnie, can you review the new KO Line of parkour shoes? There's the Gen 3, the Pres, and the Drops…

  30. Any fellow Couch Co-Op channel viewers?

  31. onitsuka tigers Mexicano 66 pls

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