Ollo in the Sunny Valley Fair is a 2002 point-and-click adventure game produced by Hulabee Entertainment and published by Plaid Banana Entertainment.

Demo was included with: Playhouse Disney’s Stanley Wild for Sharks!:

Ollo is helping Rose, a friend of his, grow a tomato for the annual fair. The tomato becomes gigantic and belts down to the Valley destroying everything in its path. Ollo has to help everyone put everything back together and capture the tomato.

The game allows the player to pick up items, go to different locations, listen to characters, and find trivial click points. Clicking on an item allows the player to drag it over the screen. Clicking on a certain place while holding an object allows Ollo to use it. Most puzzles require the player to make exchanges with characters and trade items.

Ollo: He may just be a ball of clay, but he has a big heart and a desire to help his pal Rose.
Blimpo: Who would have thought that turtles suffer from male pattern baldness? Blimpo the turtle clown is afflicted by it, which is why he wears that wig.
Lottie: This resourceful rabbit owns the Rapid Rabbit Delivery Company and can deliver anything to any location in Sunny Valley.
Rose: She’s a raccoon who loves to garden and compete for the top prize at the annual fair.
Sophie Wooldrik: This sheep engineer loves to ride roller coasters and repair them.
Wally: True to his nature, this owl was the night watchman at the Sunny Valley Flower Factory, but now he’s retired and spends his time baking


Klem Daniels as Narrator
Rose – Kate Flemming
Lottie – Nicole Anderson
Sophie – Jessica Chisum
Wally/Brawny/Farmer Franklin – Dex Manley
Blimpo – Rick May
Muriel – Wendy Jo Carlton
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