No one likes using the Alternator all game.. So I did it myself – APEX LEGENDS PS4

#SoaRapex #SoaR

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  1. Alternator can be good ye, but throw a purp mag on your RE45 and you can bodddddy😂

  2. I play the alternator realy often. I think this gun is better than everyone thinks it is

  3. yo i love ur vids!!! could u pls add me on psn: thiccc-ogre

  4. It’s dope as hell seeing the growth , 2021 is going to be 🔥 at the pace you’re going!

  5. I use the alternator more the the 99 I don’t like the 99 at all

  6. Bruh.. i love the alternator.
    Seeing as no1 wants it its always up for grabs somewhere, such an underrated gun

  7. Yea really do appreciate the channel. Some channels get old but not sooxfar. Keep it up broski

  8. Trust me everybody loved picking it up at one point

  9. I was wondering if u could make a video on movement?
    Anyway nice vids bro 💪

  10. I have a bunch of victories with alternator and eva8 lol

  11. “Pffffff okay …” lmao 😂

  12. Yes he is very good at the game 😭🍬😭😭🍬👿🏡🎱🎱💋💋🎱💋🍬🍬💀🍬😴😴

  13. y u kill me i was t bagging i was a wraith

  14. Imagine getting uppercutted into oblivion 😪😪

  15. Dude I honestly love that gun it’s amazing

  16. Idk why but I feel like tracking using controller is easier, know this from experience too

  17. You can change your name in SoaRxfar

  18. crazy quality gameplay for years and years to come gg man

  19. After this video the title will be wrong

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