We play some more Dead by Daylight. Enjoy!
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  1. New killer idea
    Name:Symbiote Description: symbiote is an killer that is from the movie Venom, it has always been eager for human flesh. Ability: carnage – leaps at the survivor which can pass thru pallets and windows next to the survivor , however it will take 15 seconds to re charge Mori- venom picks up the Survivor by there neck and bites there head. The killer would look like venom but more darker.

  2. they should make the rule that you cant be near the person that's on the hook and they do that they should not be the killer ever again

  3. I heard jeepers creepers might be the new killer. It should have this kind of skill. If you have seen the 2 movies, it can look human and fly. So it should look like a survivor, and be able to fly to scarecrows around the map. The scarecrow will give off a heart beat just like it does, but it has to go to the active scarecrow to fly. Again just ideas. BUT I think a traitor game like this would be cool.


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