I’ve been having a lot of issues with Lucian recently but this build has made me win so many more games!
Jhin game from second channel =
Second channel =
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Title: Insan3Lik3 – We Are The Robots (feat. Temu)
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  1. I feel like this is a good adc build as lucian, but if you're going midlane i still think bork,cleaver, rfc is better

  2. if you dont like that when youre not ahead with lucian you dont do stuff, play another champ. its just how lucian works.

  3. wouldnt it be much more better if u just went essence instead of rpc if ur going for crit? gives cd n mana which lucian needs

  4. If you want to go triple crit on Lucian without stacking all the attack speed, why not Essence Reaver over a second Zeal item to make your autos and abilities hit harder, and keep you in mana?

  5. It makes sense you thought that was your Thresh, since you really didn't have a support all laning phase.

  6. My late game build. Berserkers greaves, Phanton dancer, Infinity edge, The blood thirster, Essence reaver, Lord Dominik's Regards _b

  7. YOO MATE, i think you should research what it means that upload DAILY content to your 2nd channel XDXD… haha but great video in this one per usual. Would love to see 40% CDR essence reiver but its all good none the less.
    but when building Lord dominics, would getting the part where it reduce all healing/lifesteal item VS the mundo be much more effective than trying to kill him down, with armor pen since as you say he doesnt have much to begin with… Stop enemies from healing, and lifestealing FEELs like its a better choice but what do i know. Im just asking questions, not making suggestions.

  8. wait wait wait
    DAILY content on 2nd channel ???
    If THAT is DAILY content….
    not posting half year and then post a gameplay once a week

  9. eh phy since you got this build could you try a crit jayce build it doesn't have to be 100% but it has to be 50% at least i only ask because I want to see a high skilled player then me try a build like this and see the flaws and success you can have


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