This is a minecart journey on the Circle Line, one of the 11 initial lines being built on the new world on the Minecart Rapid Transit server. This line was built by _MajorMagpie_ and _frozen, both moderators on the server, plus with help from others.

The journey begins at C1 Station, and travels through all of the 119 stations in clockwise direction around the whole world. Stations are initially unnamed, and are coded with the line’s letter (In this case, “C” for Circle stations), followed by the station’s number. The official colour for this line is Dark Grey. It takes about 2 hours and 18 minutes to travel the whole line, but this timelapse is sped up to 4x speed to make the video shorter.

The station used in this line is the Minecart Rapid Transit Station version 5, designed by me, Frumple. MRT v5 is not publicly available yet, though I hope to release it and create a video for it soon.

The new world on the MRT Server is also not yet open, as other lines and projects are still being built by the staff members. We hope to open the new world to the public within the next couple months.

Special thanks to _MajorMagpie_ for heading this project and making it a reality, _frozen for finishing up the last parts of the line, and everyone else for pitching in their assistance to get this final line finished for our launch date.

“Serpentfire” by Gustaf “Lizardking” Grefberg
Downloadable from SceneSat Volume 1:

“User Illusion” by Henrik “Bliss” José

“Throw Navis Off The Train” by Sotiris “aMUSiC” Varotsis and Fotis “Leviathan” Panetsos

“Melo” by Jakob “Mosaik” Svanholm

“Chapelier’s Killer Whale (C64 Remix)” by Dejan “Dafunk” Subotin

“When It Rains It Pours” by Sebastian “Wayfinder” Grillmaier

“Retrowinter” by Mick Rippon


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  1. Lemme name the stations (C1 – C10)
    C1 Barnson North
    C2 Barnson District
    C3 Barnson South
    C4 – Shoreditch
    C5 – South Shoreditch
    C6 – Wichty
    C7- Chestonham-Wander North
    C8 – Wander East
    C9 – Wander South
    C10 – Covent Oakwood

  2. i want to build a clock tower every 5 stations in my new line (not exists but its name: Atlantis Line)

  3. I know you want it to look cool, but it's hardly possible to do rapid transit when you can only go in four directions – even if you cut across the middle, you still aren't going diagonally across so the distance travelled is probably still the same…

  4. Lol I have a City Server with Subway aka Metro aka Tube and it is incomplete cuz I do not have time to build it with my admins LOL

  5. Hey frumple I'm new to your channel, I found you because my mom works with you! I heard you were hired about a week ago!


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