This is my first GB match. I won’t be uploading these with live commentary since I need 100% concentration while playing the matches. However, I will be doing post-game commentary for my GB matches in my later videos. I was just too exhausted to record commentary for this video.

This match was a best of 3 set (first to 2 wins). It was played last night and is the first GB match for the both of us. This match was relatively easy though. I won’t diss the kid because he was pretty cool. No trash talk, no gloating. He was just friendly and wanted to play some MK.

I do know that my future matches will be much more difficult. I will continue to practice and get better with my characters of choice. More GB matches are on the way.



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  1. I think you will do well. I've seen some video on here and I am surprised by teh comp on GB. Unless they upload scrub matches. Plus, with your Shang, very tough to beat.

  2. @j4ff4c3ks1 your opponent does the same animation when getting hit by it but Shang Tsung does not turn into their character.

  3. Not the greatest player but at least you got a match in. Having a GameBattles match for MK has gotten me really interested for doing it on the Ps3 except I wonder why they don't include more fighting games like SoulCalibur, Street Fighter or Tekken.


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