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Morphology is the creative party game where you literally build clue words.

Play begins when a team’s builder (aka Morphologist) draws a word card from the deck. He or she then has just 60 seconds to get their team to guess the word by constructing it using a collection of materials such as sticks, blocks, beads, string, and rings. It’s like sculptural Pictionary!

The builder mustn’t speak or act, but a certain level of nodding, grunting, and urging is strongly encouraged. Additionally, the Morphologist can manipulate the game pieces to communicate actions such as running, jumping, or swinging.

The winner of numerous awards and accolades, Morphology is fun, creative, and sure to bring out your silly side. Designed for 4+ players, ages 13 and up.


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  1. Man I.. I want that but im not from USA and if i can buy that. I cant buy anything else from there coz my mom will remove my gadget forever


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