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Top rated free 3D fps game with modern tactical actions is now available online.

Download now for free on devices to enjoy one of the all-time favorite 3D action packed challenging fps game. Try the new missions and combat challenges with unique twists at each turn. This top action filled commando ops is designed to keep you immersed at every breath holding moment. You will experience best intense 3D battles where survival is tough and your fast controller skills are tested to max.

Jump down from military aircraft on enemy hidden base successfully. Get ready to go inside the enemy campsite with unknown weapons and battle ammo. Your best chance is to keep shooting till the mission objective assigned to you by world’s top secret organization is completed. Don’t be afraid to pull out all your hidden best fps action gaming player skills to accomplish this online mission.

Experience classic and unique modern fps action commando thrills with advance animation physics. Explore the environment with easy to handle controls to find enemy location in this free online 3D game. Advance further into gameplay to combat with enemy soldiers with stealth and military techniques.

– Lead towards victory with
– Ingenious Graphics
– New 3D fps shooter experience with intense battle scenarios with differentiating scenes like compounds, bridge, & survival sites.
– Unique Gameplay
– Become best sniper rifle gun player by completing challenging missions with strategic combat and survival tactics.
Modern Weapons
– Extensive ammo and weapons (AK-47, shotguns, handguns, sniper rifles, machine guns) with weapon upgrade properties for easy victory.
Easy Controllers
– Simple and smooth controls for most addictive 3d sniper fps shooting gaming experience.
Sounds & Music
– Intense survival sounds with immersive action sounds make this shooting arena gameplay enjoyable for player for long time.

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