Minecraft | CANNIBALISM MOD! (Eating Dr Trayaurus!) | Mod Showcase

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Today, Trayaurus builds a mini farm in the lab, but we’re all out of food and his farm animals are all that’s left to eat! Oh.. and we might have tried to eat Trayaurus too! 😮

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  1. Cannot believe its been 5 years

  2. wow, my childhood.

  3. Dan: If we can old it to zombies: *Looks at Trayaurus*…😂😂😂

  4. Dantdm: let the mods die idc i want hard core only lol
    all the fans: EXCUSE MOI MONSEIGNEUR (french translation of excuse me mister)

  5. The intro the nastalgia…..

  6. Recommended why you make me cry of nostalgia

  7. nobody even remembers what TDM stands for anymore

  8. The intro the lab the mods its beautiful I have been watching him since I was 4 2013 I have been watching since 100k

  9. Everyone gangster until Dan eats part of a villager

  10. if this was your childhood you deserve a veterans discount

  11. The simple times of kids youtube

  12. I’m five years late
    Who else is watching in 2020

  13. Now I have understand how did Dr. Trayaurus would follow Dan every time and I think Dr. T is a real villager this to be a part of the mod showcase rather than be a npc

  14. just got recommended lol

  15. Chinese people in the old days: it is more fun being cannibals
    Me: Panicing

  16. 2020 anyone? BTW this brings back memories I thought were forgotten

  17. Who else is here for the nostalgia?

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